Mission of Affordability, Giving Back, and Supporting Students From Low SES Backgrounds

The importance of diversity in medicine is a top area of discussion. Medicine is a highly diversified field, and therefore we need highly diversified applicants in our medical schools!

This topic is actually a very pertinent one if you are preparing for your interview, and knowing how to speak about this subject is key. It also involves a discussion around coaching services.

Here are some great articles about diversity in medicine to inspire you:

Diversity in Medicine has Measurable Benefits

The Importance of Diversity in Health Care: Medical Professionals Weigh In

The Importance of Cultural Competence and Diversity in Medicine


Our Values

Supporting Healthcare-Related Charities

MedCoach is not just about providing you with the best coaching services. We also focus greatly on providing affordable services to those who need it most, while also donating to charities that inspire the next generation to rise above and pursue their dreams.

For every session that is booked with MedCoach, a portion is donated to charity. Since 2012 we have donated over $10,000 collectively to the following charities:

Head & Hands – 2015

Fondation Dr. Julien – 2016

Canadian Red Cross – 2017

Kids Kicking Cancer – 2018

MS Society of Canada – 2019


Supporting Students who Cannot Afford Coaching

MedCoach has introduced a bursary program.

If you would love to use our services, but find yourself in a financially difficult position, please fill out the bursary form to explore options for subsidized coaching!