Frequently Asked Questions

About MedCoach

What is MedCoach?

At MedCoach we specialize in building your confidence. We help you identify your best traits so that your personality can shine throughout the application process – from application writing, to preparing for the CASPer test and of course when practicing for interviews/MMIs.

Our mission is to provide the most affordable one-on-one coaching with medical students of your choice who are passionate about giving you confidence throughout the application process so that you stand out, and achieve acceptance!

We also believe in the value of mentorship which is why you have complete control over which coach you choose to work with and when. Want a little help? Great! Want a lot of help? No problem! You control how much coaching you want and when.

Over the past 10+ years we have helped students achieve acceptance to medical schools all over Canada and the US. 

For every session that you book, we also make it our mission to donate to a healthcare related charity and support students from low SES backgrounds who could not otherwise afford coaching through our MedCoach Bursary.

Does MedCoach only offer coaching for medical school?

Since the interview styles are very similar across all of the health care professional fields (and assess similar skills), our coaches can help you prepare.

We help students applying to dentistry, PT, OT, midwifery, and pharmacy.

Do you offer CARMs coaching?

We do! 

Over the years, our medical student coaches come back to us as residents to coach for CARMs!

Please e-mail with the program you are interviewing for and we can find a MedCoach for you.

What is your refund policy?

For One-On-One Sessions:

Cancellation >24 hours before the coaching session: Full refund

Cancellation <24 hours before the coaching session: $5 Penalty Fee

Cancellation <1 hour before the coaching session and/or no show: No refund

Please understand our MedCoaches make time out of their busy schedules to meet with students! Please respect your appointment times and make sure that you can be there as well before booking.

For Other Courses and Products:

A full refund will be granted within 48 hours if you are not satisfied.

After 48 hours, we do not accept refund requests.

Where does MedCoach donate?

Since 2015 MedCoach has made it a part of our mission to donate to a healthcare-related charity each year. We discuss the charities with our coaches and also encourage students to suggest their favourite charities as well!

You can see all of our previous donations here

What is the MedCoach Bursary?

The MedCoach Bursary was created in 2020 to help improve access to coaching services to student in financial need.

If you are in need of coaching but cannot afford services due to financial difficulty, please apply for our bursary.

Approved applications will receive free coaching sessions as well as discounts!

Upon approval you will receive a transfer of MedCoins which you can use towards the purchase total of any product. You can check the balance of our bursary program here.

What are MedCoins?

MedCoins is a system we introduced in 2021 to give students even more cash back and discounts!

You can earn MedCoins for performing actions on our website like logging in, leaving reviews on products, messaging coaching, completing coaches and more!

You can use your coins when checking out to reduce the cost of services.

Our bursary program is also given through MedCoins and you can check the balance of our bursary program or apply for a bursary here.

Where can I find MedCoach reviews?

All of our coach reviews can be found on this page.

Specific product reviews can be found on the product pages.

How can I contact MedCoach?

During business hours, try our chat widget at the bottom right of the page!

Or e-mail us at

All of your questions are answered by current medical students, residents or physicians, so please forgive us if we don’t answer right away – we might be in clinic or seeing patients 🙂

MedCoach Services

What services do you offer?

We offer complete mentorship with the application process from start to finish.

One-on-One Sessions

What can you do with a coach?

  • Learn about what it is like to be in medical school to see if it is right for you
  • Plan our your pre-application years in terms of extracurriculars, MCAT strategy, etc.
  • Review your application (resume, cover letter, OMSAS, etc.)
  • Get advice about the CASPER exam
  • Have a mock interview/MMI session with your coach and get feedback on how to improve

CASPer Test Prep

Interview/MMI/MPI Prep


How do I find a MedCoach?

We have many coaches with various backgrounds. You can find all of our coach profiles on the Find A Coach page

Look through the profiles of our coaches and find someone who seems right for you.

Once you have found your coach, head to the book a session page, select the MedCoach’s name from the drop down menu and select the date and time to book.

If a coach does not have availability on the calendar, they are either booked or they have not set new hours. You can send them a message through their profile once you are logged in with a free account. They may be able to open up a specific time slot for you to book.

What can I do during a session?

Each session is one hour.

The coaching experience is designed so that your MedCoach can guide you through any part of the application process. You can message your coach in advance to set up goals for the session. 

In general, sessions have the following focuses:

General Pre-Med Planning

Application Review

CASPer Prep (mock questions, tips and strategies)

Interview Prep (Panel, MMI, MPI)

CARMs Prep (written or interview prep)


How is the CASPer test scored?

The CASPer exam is becoming more and more popular. For those of you who don’t know –

Here is a bit of background from the takecasper website:

“The CASPer test is composed of 12 sections:  8 video-based scenarios and 4 word-based scenarios given to you in random order.  Each of the 12 sections is followed by 3 questions relating to the video/word-based scenario or asking you to reflect on a related personal experience.  You will have 5 minutes to type your answer to the 3 questions before you are directed to the next section.”

One of the most common questions asked is “how is the casper test scored?”

Instead of giving you some basic-level explanation how how the scoring works, let’s first understand:

a. Why the CASPer test is used.

b. What they are really looking for.

Once you understand these two concepts, you will then be able to understand how the CASPer test is marked.

Why is the CASPer test being used?

Since the “invention” of the MMI, schools have been much more focused on identifying candidate’s soft skills or people skills before acceptance to medical school.

It is clear that having good grades means you study well and can absorb large amounts of information – and believe me this is definitely important in the first few years of medical school (where you learn pages upon pages of new info a day)! But, with technology improving year by year, and answers being at the tip of your fingertips if you know where to search, medicine is focusing more and more on patient-centred care.

What does this mean? It means that schools are focusing on the skills that make great physicians in general, as identified by patients and other physicians. If you search the CANMeds roles (see and learn more here), you will see exactly what the college of physicians is expecting from physicians.

We are expected to be:





Health Advocates


All of these skills come together to make a medical expert, and a physician that causes patients to say “I have the best doctor!”

The MMI was introduced to assess for these skills prior to getting in to medical school, and now the CASPer test is used to test for these skills even before the interview process to further select for these skills.

What are they really looking for?

Now that you understand the CANMEDs roles, you now understand what they might be looking for on a CASPer test – someone who is highly insightful and experienced when it comes to these skills.

Each section in the CASPer test will touch on these skills in some way or another. They are looking for people who can understand the mindset of others, who can remain professional in awkward situations, who can be creative when trying to figure out solutions to uncertain situations, etc.

Take for example a video of two people arguing, and they turn to you and ask you what you think. This is your chance to type out what you would do in real life and demonstrate how you first analyze the situation before acting.

So, how is the CASPer test scored?

There are 12 sections in each CASPer test, each containing 3 sub-questions that you have 5 minutes to answer.

You can see how the timer works by trying one of our CASPer tests.

Evaluators of your test can be anyone – not just physicians. Altus (the company that runs CASPer) likely have a team of non-medical professionals to mark their tests. They are trained to mark specific CASPer sections and recognize the differences between poor answers and outstanding answers.

Your test will be reviewed by 12 different people – one for each section. They only get one question from your test.

So lets say the grade is responsible for marking question number 5, they would get all the background information for that question and many different responses for question number 5 from various candidates, and they would be marking just that question.

The evaluator is not given any identifying information and does not know what you wrote in other sections. It is done this way for the same reason we have different evaluators in every MMI station – to eliminate bias and provide the applicant with a more objective score.

Scores are based on your insight and depth of your answers. Red flags would include things like lack of professionalism, lack of empathy, etc.

Just like the MMI, there is technically “no right answer”, but only soft guides such as “rating a students communication skills” or seeing how much in detail you can analyze a situation before making a judgement. Evaluators are trained to ignore test-taker errors in spelling and grammar.

We have recreated the CASPer marking system with our CASPer tests. Our tests include detailed feedback for each section, with full scores, and our marking key as well – so you can really see what is expected from the candidate on our tests.

How do we mark tests at MedCoach? Similar to the CASPer exam, we will mark each section of your test out of 9 – 1 being unsatisfactory and 9 being superb. Just like the real CASPer, your answers are compared to other answers that we see on those sections. We include the top answers for each question on your feedback report so that you can see what your answers are being compared to.

Your score is then averaged and given back to you along with your feedback (if you purchased it). On average, students get 6.5-7.5 on our tests – averaged across all sections.

If you are interested in practicing some CASPer test questions and seeing some answers, check out our CASPer tests with feedback!

Do you offer a free practice test?

We do!

Please add this to you cart to receive access to our free sample test.

Please note there are no videos in the sample test but all of our paid tests contain at least 1 video scenario.

What is included if I purchase feedback?

Our CASPer tests with feedback include:

  1. Access to 4 CASPer scenarios, mimicking the format of the real CASPer test
  2. Top answers for each question
  3. Detailed feedback for each of your answers
  4. A score for each question, and overall score per test
  5. A report comparing your score to the average score of other students
  6. You will receive your feedback within 72 hours unless you purchase the 24-hour feedback option