For every session that you book with MedCoach, you're contributing to a healthcare related charity.


A group of Medical students dedicated to providing students like yourself with excellent preparation for the medical school application. We can give you advice on how to prepare your application/extracurriculars, review your resume or personal statement, train you for the CASPER exam, or we can hold mock MMI sessions with you to practice for that dreaded interview!

MedCoach was created by Dr. Leah Feldman when she was in her second year at McGill medical school with the mission of providing affordable coaching while raising money for healthcare related charities that inspire and provide opportunities to youth.

Our past supported causes include:

  • Head & Hands
  • Le Fondation Du Dr. Julien
  • The Red Cross
  • Kids Kicking Cancer

We offer complete mentorship with the application process from start to finish.

One-on-One Sessions – What can you do with a coach?

  • Learn about what it is like to be in medical school to see if it is right for you
  • Plan our your pre-application years in terms of extracurriculars, MCAT strategy, etc.
  • Review your application (resume, cover letter, OMSAS, etc.)
  • Get advice about the CASPER exam
  • Have a mock interview/MMI session with your coach and get feedback on how to improve


MMI Preparation

We have many coaches with various backgrounds from almost all of the Universities across Canada!

We also have some coaches from international schools like Australia and the US.

Look through the profiles of our coaches and find someone who seems right for you.

You can filter the coaches by location and by application experience by clicking on the names of the various schools.

Then just book a session on the “book a session” page!

Note: If a coach does not have availability on the calendar, you can send them a message to set something up through the “Contact A Coach” page.

A lot of our coaches might be going through busy medical school rotations. They also might not have a set schedule, so it is difficult for them to set a schedule through MedCoach. But, that does not mean that they are not available to book a session with you!

If the coach you want to work with does not have any availabilities on the calendar, you can sign up as a “Free MedMember” and have access to our internal messaging system. After speaking and deciding on a date and time, your coach will open up a space on their calendar so that you can book the session!

Your coach will contact you shortly after you book the session to set up a location to meet.

Absolutely! Since the interview styles are very similar across all of the health care professional fields (and assess similar skills), our coaches can help you prepare.

We cater to students also applying to the following programs:

  • OT
  • PT
  • Pharmacy
  • Dentistry
  • Social Work
  • Midwifery

Definitely not! You can book a session with any coach you’d like.

If you are in different cities, the session will be conducted via skype/phone/facetime/etc.

Affordability and accessibility are some of our top priorities at MedCoach. We try to keep our sessions as low as possible!

Individual sessions start at $54/hour, but if you are considering working with us for multiple sessions we suggest you check out our packages!

You can also e-mail us at and we can try to build a package that suits your needs.

Currently we do not accept cash for our sessions. We only accept credit card/paypal.

All sessions must be booked and paid for before you meet with a coach. A coach should not be meeting with you if you have not booked and confirmed a session through the website first.

For One-On-One Sessions:

Cancellation >24 hours before the coaching session: Full refund

Cancellation <24 hours before the coaching session: $5 Penalty Fee

Cancellation <1 hour before the coaching session and/or no show: No refund

Please understand our coaches make time out of their busy schedules to meet with students! Please respect your appointment times and make sure that you can be there as well before booking.

For Other Courses and Products:

A full refund will be granted within 48 hours if you are not satisfied.

After 48 hours, we do not accept refund requests.

E-mail us at, we usually respond within a few hours.

You can contact Dr. Leah Feldman directly at

Or visit our Facebook page to send us a message!

Like our page to stay up to date with medical school news/tips and hear about MedCoach offers!

Suggest it here and we will get back to you!

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  1. Hi,

    I am interested in joining the Weekly MMI 2016 course. However, I don’t have Skype or any video interaction medium. Will I still be able to attend, participate and ask questions in the seminars?



  2. Hi,

    Do the 5 sessions of MMI coaching (Ultimate Membership) involve Mock interviews? Or is it more general coaching, tips, and tricks.


    1. Hi Stephanie!

      Great question!

      As part of the Ultimate Membership you receive 5 MMI coaching sessions with any of our coaches.

      When you book a session with a coach, you absolutely can set up a plan to run a mock interview during your session!

      In addition, included in your Ultimate Membership is access to the Weekly MMI webinar which contains over 10 hours of MMI case preparation and cases/case debriefs that you can practice on your own or with your coach!

      Please do not hesitate if you have any other questions!

      All the best,
      Dr. Leah Feldman MD CM
      President of MedCoach

    1. Hi Gina!
      We offer many different packages depending on your needs:
      VIP Guides: MMI and standard interview question strategies in an online written guide format
      One-On-One Coaching: Book a session with one of our coaches on the booking page
      Weekly MMI video series: A series of online videos showing you how to prepare and practice for the MMIs! See a preview of one of the sessions on the Weekly MMI 2016 page!

      All the best,

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