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For every session that you book with MedCoach, you're contributing to a healthcare related charity.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

Select your coach from the drop down menu.

You can explore all of our coaches and their bios on the Find A Coach page to find a coach that you want to work with.

If a coach does not have availability, it does not mean that they are not available. You can just send them a private message (you will need a free account). The coach will reply within 48 hours to open up a time for you on their schedule if they can accommodate you.

Your coach will contact you once the session is booked. If you are in the same city, you can arrange to meet in person. Otherwise you and your coach will meet by Skype.

TIME ZONES: Please note that the time you book is the time zone of the coach. So for example if a coach is located in Quebec, the time zone will be EST.

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