Braden – UofC

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Location: Calgary, AB

Accepted From: Masters

Application Experience: UofC, UofA, OMSAS (UofT, Ottawa, Western)

A Bit About Me:

Hey everyone!

I have experience with a few application cycles, as it took me two years to get into medical school, and because of this I think that I have a strong grasp of what they are looking for in the interview.  I helped students prepare for the interviews last year (in my deferral year), and all of the feedback I got from those I helped was positive (and 2/3 got into Medical school!)  My experience from coaching comes mostly from sports, but I think a lot of the same principles apply.

As mentioned, I also deferred my entrance to complete my MSc degree, so if you are in this situation or have any questions about that aspect I would be happy to answer them!

I am willing to tailor our meetings to address anything you all want! Looking forward to meeting you!


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