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Welcome to CASPer Trainer Test by MedCoach!

Browser compatibility:

We highly recommend that you use the most up to date version of Chrome as your browser before proceeding any further for best results. If you do not have Chrome installed, close this window now, download Chrome, and restart your CASPer SIM practice test from your member’s area using Chrome.

Once started, you will be required to work straight through. There will be a short break midway through the test. This test will consist of a combination of scenario and personal sections. After each of these sections, you will be prompted to respond to 3 questions. You will have a total of 5 minutes to answer all questions in each section.


There are 12 distinct sections in this CASPer SIM™ test. Each section will contain either a scenario or a personal discussion topic followed by three questions to answer. You can answer the questions in any order that you wish.

Each scenario will include either a real-life scenario or a personal type/stand alone topic. If the section includes a scenario, your role in that scenario will be indicated before you are presented with the scenario. For example, you may see a phrase that reads “You are John”.

The scenarios will be either a short video or a text-based scenario.

Each scenario will load within 20 seconds. DO NOT HIT REFRESH. At the end of each scenario you will be presented with 3 questions.

You can NOT repeat any sections of the test.

Halfway through CASPer SIM™ test you will be given an opportunity to take a 15 minute break. There is a timer on each question page for you to manage your time.

There are no right or wrong answers and spelling and grammar errors will not be counted in the evaluation of the responses. Evaluators will see only the section they are scoring, so do not refer back to something you have written in a previous section.

In case of your computer or internet disconnects, log back into CASPer SIM™ test to continue, though you may lose response time just like the real CASPer.

ATTENTION: Hitting the “back”, “forward” or “refresh” button will result in your typed responses to disappear while the countdown time will keep on running! DO NOT HIT BACK, FORWARD, OR REFRESH. Only use CASPer SIM™ test buttons visible on each page.

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