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MedCoach CASPer Exams

*Maintenant Disponible En Français!*

Welcome to the MedCoach CASper training page. At MedCoach, our goal is to increase your confidence and give you the tools to ace any component of the application process. The CASper test is part of the pre-interview process.

See our FAQs below to learn more about our CASper exams and how MedCoach will prepare you.

Exams last updated September 2018


With our MiniCASpers you get:

24/7 Access To Your Test

Take The Test As Many Times As You’d Like 

Strategies to Answer Questions With Every Test

Focused Practice Tests So You Know What To Learn


Our tests are run by a testing system external to the MedCoach website.

Before starting your test, you will notice a black bar at the top of the page, and it is from here that you will be able to change the language.

You must change the language before starting the test. Once you go past the first page, you will not be able to change the language.

On this page, you will find 3 different practice exams. Each exam contains 4 sections with 3 questions each (total of 12 questions).

You are tested through a series of scenarios followed by 3 questions. You are timed while you type out your answers!

So fast typing is a key skill that you will need for the CASper exam.

Each exam has different levels of difficulty. Typically, students perform best on our first exam and score lowest on our third exam. Challenge yourself to get the best score possible!

You can purchase the Exam Only or the Exam + Expert Feedback.

The Expert Feedback option allows you to receive a score for your exam and detailed feedback on your answers and how to improve for the actual CASper test. You score will presented as your own compared to other students who took the test. You will also receive examples of answers that performed very well on that question.

All of our exams are reviewed by our expert team of CASPer MedCoaches. You will receive your feedback between 48-72 hours after submitting your test.

If you purchase feedback for your exam, your answers will be sent to a coach for marking once they are submitted. The coach may be a medical student, resident or currently practicing physician.

Within 48-72 hours you will receive a document outlining:

  • A breakdown of how a CASPer exam is scored
  • Common question types and tips to answer them
  • Your score
  • The average score achieved by other candidates on that test
  • A copy of all your answers for each question
  • An example of the top response to that question
  • Coach’s detailed feedback for each question
  • A score for each question

Great Question!

A lot of coaching companies sell full practice exams, meaning practice exams that are identical to the actual test (they contain 12 sections).

However, when you need to learn how to do well on the CASper test, sitting through 90 minutes of questions will not help you get better or help you understand what the CASper is about.

This is why MedCoach created MiniCASper exams that focus on the main categories of questions asked on the actual CASper AND provide you with strategies on how to answer the questions.

You will learn much more through shorter and more focused CASper practice sessions by understanding how to answer the question, not by answering as many questions as you can in 90 minutes.

By taking our MiniCASper tests, you will be able to understand:

  1. The different categories of CASper questions commonly asked
  2. The mindset of the evaluator and how the exam is marked
  3. What they are looking for in the question and how to approach your answer

While you will be provided with some strategies to answering the questions if purchasing the exam without feedback, purchasing the practice exam with MedCoach feedback is highly recommended as it will allow you to understand what the evaluator is looking for when marking CASper questions.

This will help you to formulate and modify your answers for future questions, and overall allow your performance on the CASper exam to improve.

If you purchase your exam with feedback, you can write the exam as many times as you want, but only one exam will be marked for feedback.

MiniCASper Sample

A free exam to practice!

Once you have submitted your answers, if you would like a coach (medical student or resident) to grade your test, just check out with the “add feedback” option below.

Practice CASPer Tests

We have three different tests for you to practice. These tests are numbered in increasing order of difficulty. If it is your first time practicing a casper test, we suggest you start with MiniCasper Test #1. If you feel experienced and ready to write the test, try MiniCasper Test number 3!

After you have submitted your test, if you have requested feedback, you will receive it within 72 hours of submission.

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