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USherbrooke, ULaval, UdeM, McGill

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Hello everyone!

My name is Catherine and I am a student in the Med-P Preparatory Year at McGill University. For those of you who are unfamiliar with what Med-P is or for those of you who are not from Québec, Med-P is a program opened to Québec CÉGEP students, which allows them to apply to medical school without having to complete a university bachelor’s degree. Therefore, after having completed my five-year high school program and my two-year CÉGEP program at Dawson College in Health Sciences, I began my process of applying to all of the four Québec medical schools. I am happy to say that I was admitted to all four. As a Med-P student, I have one year of general sciences to complete, and then four years of medical school. I am eager to commence this medical journey and cannot wait to meet my future colleagues.

The process of applying to medical schools although exciting can be quite stressful and time consuming. Having a coach is on a need to basis. I leaned on my amazing coach to help me tackle my medical school applications and concerns. Be it to look over my CV or my answers to CASPer questions, practise the MMI acting stations or simply acknowledge that I was on the right track, my coach was always available to provide me with the resources, and moral support that I needed. She inspired me to become a coach and to help others as much as she has helped me. When I was pacing around my house at midnight trying to figure out answers to questions like “Tell me about yourself” or “Describe a time when you felt stressed”, my coach was there to help me cope. Therefore, I aspire to provide my mentees with the resources or moral support that they need.

I have experience interviewing with McGill University. Due to the unprecedented circumstances, I did not interview with Université de Montréal, Université de Sherbrooke, or Université Laval. However, I did write the CASPer test for all four universities. I am perfectly bilingual and would love to assist my mentees in their applications to English and French schools. I was also required to write a CV for McGill and would be available to guide my mentees in writing theirs.

Outside of medical school, I am someone who loves eating Mexican food and jumping up and down at music festivals. I also enjoy giving back to my community. Therefore, I am involved in projects whose purpose is to help the homeless by providing them with kits and engaging in conversation with them. I am also involved in initiatives whose purpose is to integrate individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities into the workforce and offer them leadership opportunities.

Throughout medical school, I would love to partake in psychiatric research as it is something that is of great interest to me. I would also love to be a part of the Medical Students’ Society at McGill as I am someone who particularly enjoys leadership positions.

Having always had compassion for individuals faced with adversity, empowering those in need provides me with a great sense of personal fulfilment.

I cannot wait to coach some of you and hopefully work with you in the near future!

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  1. Jaëlle Christollin says:

    Very enthusiastic about helping and gave helpful advice


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