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CASPer Snapshot Questions, Answered.

CASPer Snapshot? Another step?? Official CASPer Snapshot Information: It is no surprise that more of the interview process has now moved online. The COVID-19 pandemic has affected all of us and has disrupted multiple domains of our lives. The medical school application process is no exception. Now you also may have to go through […]

The Modified Personal Interview (MPI) – What is it? And why should I prep for it?

If you have received an interview at the University of Toronto, congratulations! The University of Toronto uses a special type of interview technique. It’s not a traditional /panel interview where you are asked questions about yourself by one or two people, and it’s not an MMI where you have a bunch of stations with actors/evaluators. […]

Kids Kicking Cancer

We are so pleased and honoured to announce our donation for the 2017-2018 year to Kids Kicking Cancer! Kids Kicking Cancer is an amazing program that teaches the mind-body techniques of Martial arts instruction, breath work and meditation to empower children beyond the pain and discomfort of disease. Through their innovative Heroes Circle Program, […]