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Cathy – UWO

4.88/5 (2)


Accepted from: a year working in a non-medical career, after completing my BSc

Application experience: UBC, Alberta, Calgary, Saskatchewan, Ottawa, Queens, McMaster, Toronto, Western

Interview experience: Saskatchewan, Ottawa, McMaster, Western


Coach Bio

Focus: MMI and panel interview coaching, CASPer feedback, application review

My name is Cathy, and I’m a student in the MD program at Western University. Prior to medical school, I completed my undergraduate degree focused on physiology and microbiology at UBC, and spent a year working as an academic advisor in the UBC Faculty of Science. I joined MedCoach because my journey to medical school wasn’t a straightforward one, and I hope I can help others navigate this complicated process.


During my undergraduate degree, although I was a good student, nothing on paper set me apart from my peers, and I struggled to find ways to showcase who I was beyond just my transcript. In the my 4th year, I sent out many applications and was lucky enough to receive 1 interview invitation. I found myself tongue tied and thrown off balance during the MMI, and left the interview frustrated with my inability to organize my thoughts and clearly express what I wanted to say.


I finished my undergraduate degree and found myself in a position many students fear – a premed student who had put all their hopes into medical school, but hadn’t gotten in. I found a career in a field that was unrelated to healthcare, but allowed me to explore my communication style and reframe my strengths. I rewrote my applications, focusing on things I was passionate about rather than just traditionally “premed extracurriculars”, and applied again. This time, I prepared myself as best I could for both panel and MMI style interviews, and was successfully accepted. 


Whether you find yourself in the position I was once in, or are doing your best to avoid it, I’d be happy to talk. I hope that my experience can help showcase the real you in your applications and interviews!


If you have any questions, interview related or not, please feel free to contact me.

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  1. Casper Crash Course: The explanations and tips were great. It would be good to speak a bit louder.






  2. CASPer Crash Course: This coach was very clear and well spoken. She gave the best feedback of the three!






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