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Djalica Diallo

Montréal, QC

Hello everyone!

My name is Djalica Diallo and I am a first year medical student in the MDCM program at McGill. Having been accepted into medicine directly from Cegep, I have completed in 2021-2022 the medicine preparatory program at McGill University. The Med-P year is a program that is required for CEGEP students wishing to pursue medical studies at McGill University. My background prior to entering the University is quite atypical as I completed part of my high school education in a French high school in Senegal, and did my CEGEP, also in the French system, at the Lycée International Marie de France in Montreal. However, in order to enter medical school in Quebec I still had to take the required Quebec science courses, and a R-score calculation was also used in my lycée. I therefore have both a knowledge of the French educational system (for those who would come from one of these high schools across Canada and wish to apply to medicine) and the Quebec system.

Having an interest in medicine and a deep desire to practice this wonderful profession in the future, I applied to all four faculties in Quebec and was admitted to all of them. Through my application process, I noticed how complex it is, whether it is about the CASPER test, the MMI interviews, the preparation of the CV or simply the general organization to have during your studies to maintain a good academic level, while practicing your extra-curricular activities and managing all the administrative procedures required by the faculty !

Thus, it is out of compassion and with a real desire to help you through this sometimes difficult and stressful period that I took the steps to become a medcoach. I believe I have experience with medical applications that will allow me to advise you in the best possible way, and hopefully make this process easier for you.

I am a native French speaker but living in Montreal and studying at McGill, I have been able to acquire enough English to be able to advise you in a fluent way, as well as correct your CASPER tests, your CVs and train you for the MMI interviews.

Otherwise, to tell you a little more about myself outside of my studies, I have several passions that help me balance my life on a daily basis. I have a real passion for music, literature and philosophy. Whether it's spending 3 hours discovering new albums on Spotify, reading a good fiction that transports me for a moment in another universe, or a philosophical essay that brings me to relativize on the challenges of life, I occupy my days with a whole bunch of activities other than studies (yes it's possible even in medicine believe me!).

Also, I created a committee - RegardMed - this year associated with the McGill medical students association, whose mission is to explore the contemporary medical world, covering its news, innovations and challenges, but also aspires to be a real driver of social action and plans on organizing activities, conferences and fundraisers themed around recent medical topics. I am also working on a research project in the field of psychiatry, as this is an area I would like to specialize in eventually. Also, I am involved in the Medical students society as a representative of my cohort in the psychiatry interest group. Finally, I have a lot of varied experience in tutoring and mentoring, which has allowed me to acquire qualities essential to the role of medcoach!

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May 5, 2023
Djalica was extremely helpful! She offered great advice for the MMIs, was very encouraging, and really helped relieve stress! I strongly recommend booking an appointment with her. She makes you feel comfortable, is very friendly, and gives very helpful tips!
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May 2, 2023
Très belle expérience avec Djalica. Nous avons pu revoir ensemble plusieurs scénarios de MEM, ses rétroactions m’ont permis de mieux me préparer et d’être plus confiant aux MEM. Elle est très professionnelle, patiente et dévouée afin de vous donner les meilleures chances de réussite aux MEM. Je vous la recommande 1000X.
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April 25, 2023
Djalica est une excellente coach. Elle était à l'écoute et m'a donné beaucoup de bons conseils pour les entrevues. Je la recommande fortement!
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April 5, 2023
Djalica est une super bonne coach. Durant ma séance de préparation au MEM, elle m’a donné des techniques afin de bien construire et peaufiner mes réponses. De plus, elle donne plusieurs autres conseils à la préparation aux MEM autres que les façons de répondre. C’est sure que je prends d’autres séances avec elle.
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February 20, 2023
Djalica est une excellente coach qui a une bonne capacité d’écoute et te fait sentir à l’aise avec son enthousiasme. Durant ses séances, elle est toujours positive et donne des critiques constructives qui sont toujours pertinents. Elle prend le temps de répondre à toutes les questions ainsi à t’aider à penser plus profondément à propos des scénarios et comment structurer ta réponse de manière efficace. Je vous la conseille fortement!
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