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McMaster (MD - completed), U of T (Psychiatry Residency - in progress)


My name is Morgan. I completed my Honours BSc in Psychology at Wilfrid Laurier University with minors in Biology and Chemistry. I completed medical school at McMaster University. I am now a Psychiatry Resident at the University of Toronto. While at Laurier, I taught a first year chemistry seminar that focussed on developing approaches to complex problems. I am very passionate about teaching, because I enjoy helping people develop skills and learn new concepts – especially as they pertain to medical school interviews! As an applicant, I benefited greatly from working with other people to develop interview skills. In fact, I first joined MedCoach as a student, where I found another student whom I worked with to prep for interviews (we both got in). I felt that receiving feedback and learning interview strategies from others played instrumental roles in my acceptances. From my experiences interviewing across Canada, I can confidently say that exceptional preparation is imperative. I am eager to help medical school aspirants develop the skills to excel in their interviews. I am very interested in the biological, psychological, and social influences on human behaviour and am interested in conducting research in these areas. I am also very interested in medical education. I love reading, music, writing, and musical theatre. I co-wrote and featured in the McMaster Med Musical.

Scheduling: A couple of years ago, I held a series of group sessions for specific topics. To purchase the recordings, please click here.

If you are interested in one-on-one coaching, send me a message (click the message button on my profile).

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April 7, 2022
Morgan was a fantastic interview prep coach, and I highly recommend him to anyone seeking an interview coach! He is sincere in his feedback and provides wonderful insight into what differentiates a stellar answer from a mediocre one. Consistent prep with Morgan allowed me to understand and implement different heuristics while answering specific MMI questions, and as a result, I felt more prepared going into my interview.
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April 7, 2022
Morgan was an amazing interview prep coach. I was really nervous to start but Morgan's kind, honest, and constructive feedback made me feel confident in my responses and ready on interview day. I highly recommend him as a coach!
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March 2, 2022
I cannot speak highly enough of Morgan. He helped provide structure to my answers; he gave honest, useful feedback; and he made the sessions fun and enjoyable to the point where I actually looked forward to practicing! He was very reliable and had a lot of solid advice. I would definitely recommend him as a coach to anyone. Thank you for all of your help Morgan and I hope one day I can call you my colleague!
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February 1, 2022
Morgan is an amazing interview prep coach. He has great frameworks to approach all types of questions and gives really honest and constructive feedback. I definitely feel like he helped me improve my interview skills and made me feel much more prepared and confident for my interview! I highly recommend him as an interview coach!
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January 22, 2022
Morgan is a great interview coach! He helped me feel ready for both my MMI and traditional interviews with great constructive feedback and equipped me with the tools to succeed in my interviews.
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