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Western MD Class of 2022

Hi, my name is Hannah! A little about myself: I did my BSc in neuroscience at McGill before starting an MD at Western. I'm currently hoping to match to obstetrics & gynecology. In my spare time, I enjoy powerlifting, playing video games, indoor gardening, and cuddling my pup.

My approach to coaching is individualized where I get to know clients prior to our first session to get more information about their interviewing experience and comfort level, as well as to discuss what their expectations and goals are for our session(s) together. For those new to interviewing, I like to offer a strategic approach to the most common "types" of interview questions that one may encounter in an MMI or panel/traditional interview. For coaching sessions where a client would like to practice a mock interview, I prepare questions prior to each session to sepcifically target areas which may need more practice.

I have several years of interview and CASPer coaching experience, and I love to help students improve their skills and to see them accepted into their program of choice! Scheduling is flexible, so please email me if you'd like to book a time that I don't have indicated as available.

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May 15, 2022
I did a few sessions of interview prep with Hannah. She was polite, friendly, and very reassuring. The last session I had with her was a full mock interview prep and her feedback was so encouraging, it made a big difference for my interview the following week. Thank you so much!!
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April 20, 2022
Hannah is a great interview prep coach! She helps you build confidence and is great at providing resources to help tackle weak areas in your interview skills. She comes prepared for the sessions and is open for questions and concerns you may have. She was extremely helpful in my prep! Thanks again Hannah!
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April 13, 2022
Hannah is a great coach for interview prep. She gave specific and personalized feedback in a way that's actionable, which I really appreciated. She's open to taking the session in the direction that will be most helpful for you.
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March 8, 2022
Hannah is an amazing interview prep coach! She had many great practice questions prepared for our mock MMI sessions, and provided extremely helpful analysis and critiques of my answers. She also explained very useful general strategies for common question types. Moreover, Hannah genuinely cares about the people she coaches, and is incredibly friendly, kind and humble. She even went longer than 1 hour in some sessions to ensure she gave me all possible advice, and answered any additional questions I had by email, leading right up to my interview. I can't recommend Hannah highly enough, and would give her a rating above 5 stars if possible!
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March 6, 2022
Hannah was a great MedCoach who was friendly and approachable. She gave me lots of specific advice and feedback that helped me with my MMI preparation. She came prepared to our sessions with multiple questions and question types.
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