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Hi! My name is Lilly, and I’m a first year medical student at McGill University. I went through the Med-P pathway, and graduated from Marianopolis College prior to starting medical school.

I know how stressful the application process can be, and I really want to show applicants that with proper planning and preparation, med school applications should only be about feeling pride and confidence in submitting the best application you possibly could.

I’m excited to have been given the opportunity to help future applicants in the same way that I was guided and supported. In terms of grades, I was by no means a top applicant, but I made sure to polish the rest of my application as best as I could.

I have experience in peer tutoring as well as coaching gymnastics. Although med school coaching isn’t quite the same, I believe I have the necessary skills to allow students to feel confident in building a trusting relationship and open learning environment with their coach.

Outside of medicine, I love meeting new people, traveling and staying active! I look forward to meeting you all 🙂

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November 21, 2021
I highly encourage everyone going through the medical school application to consider mymedcoach. Not only was Lilly patient with my questions but provided constructive feedback while ensuring all aspects of the application were touched upon. She's very direct and answers all your questions. She provided me with suggestions and feedback which were very helpful!