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Hi! I’m Raquel. I’m a Dawson College graduate and a Med-1 student at McGill University. I applied to all 4 medical schools in Quebec (McGill, U de Montréal, U Sherbrooke, U Laval) and got accepted to all of them. I’m primarily anglophone, but I’m comfortable with written and conversational French.

My application season was smack in the middle of the second and third wave of COVID-19, so we were kind of left in the dark about the interview process — we didn’t know whether they would be virtual or live, which schools would require interviewing, or whether or not they would take place at all. That was a hefty source of stress throughout my final year of CEGEP, but it was managed with proper prep.

I decided to join MedCoach because I know it is exactly the type of support and guidance that an applicant needs. Whether it be the Casper, the MMI or a panel interview, having a mentor, especially one that has recently gone through the process themselves, is vital. My mentors were friends that were current medical students, and I owe the confidence I had throughout application season to them.

Outside of school, I teach the violin, which I’ve been playing solo and in an orchestra for 11 years. I also love trying out new restaurants and styling my friends 🙂

Feel free to reach out with any questions!

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July 12, 2022
I really enjoyed working with Raquel for my MMI prep as she was very patient, understanding and positive. She assessed me with representative scenarios and she took my concern into consideration. She did mock tests with me and she acted very well for the acting stations.
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February 25, 2022
I wanted to thank Raquel for our session! Within one block of time she was able to create an entire MMI simulation that included a mixture of all components that we can expect from the stations at McGill. I truly appreciated this since it not only helps with raising confidence for the actual day of interview, but it also helps gain insight on the flow and rhythm. I enjoyed my time talking to her and also liked how she gave her feedback at the end both highlighting strengths (which is encouraging) and including pointers on what can be added to further refine answers. Thank you so much for your time Raquel!
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February 22, 2022
Raquel est très qualifiée. Ses feedbacks sont très utiles. Je vous la recommande.
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January 28, 2022
Super entraînement avec Raquel! Ce coaching m’a donné confiance et mes séances m’ont permis de mieux comprendre comment se déroulent les mmi ! Je recommande vraiment