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Hey future colleague, it’s Sabine!

I am in dental school at McGill.

I completed my Bachelors in Biology and a minor in multidisciplinary studies at Concordia University. Throughout my undergraduate degree, I have been extensively involved in multiple laboratory settings which developed my admiration for scientists and scientific discoveries. When I am not in the lab, I enjoy watching documentaries and walks around downtown Montreal.

I applied to dental schools in the states so I am very comfortable helping with the application process for American and Canadian dental schools. I am also willing to help with DAT and Casper prep.

The medical and dental interviews at McGill are the same so I would also love to help pre-med students prepare for their application and answer any general questions.

PS: I also got into pharmacology graduate school at Oxford so if anyone needs help for Masters/Ph.D. interviews I am more than ready to help!

Given my previous experience, I understand the challenges along to path to to medical and dental school. I have learned to expect adversity and face it with passion, creativity, and ambition. I hope to pass on all that I learned to whoever shares the same passion for healthcare. I am excited to get to know you better and to work together on your application and interview!

Shoot me a message if my availabilities and location don’t work for you, I am happy to accommodate!

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August 10, 2022
I had the pleasure of having a session for CASPer with Sabine. She is very nice and knows how to get ready for such an exam. In my opinion, she is the perfect choice.
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February 23, 2022
Sabine is a great coach! She's very knowledge and approachable. She quickly pointed out my strengths, but more importantly my weaknesses to better target them in our sessions. We practiced acting stations right away which was the best way to practice in my opinion! If you're looking for a coach for MMI's, she's the way to go!
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February 10, 2022
The MMI prep session I had with Sabine was great. I felt very comfortable asking her questions. She constructively pointed out my strengths and areas to improve. She also sent me additional useful material to enhance my preparation following our session. I highly recommend Sabine as a coach! 🙂
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January 28, 2022
Sabine is an excellent coach, she is very friendly and has great listening skills. She gives a lot of constructive feedback and helps you how to approach certain types of questions. She also offered to give out helpful documents of top-scoring answers on some scenarios, which helped a lot. She is very comfortable to speak to and an all around great coach!
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January 12, 2022
Sabine's session is very helpful! She went over the several common types of MMI questions with me and discussed the approaches. She is encouraging and supportive through and beyond our sessions. I highly recommend her!
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