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  • The Weekly MMI Class Recordings

    18 Lessons in $150.00

    Learn about the skills required to ace any MMI station and see how students answer MMI questions in real-time!In this product, we combine 3 years' worth of videos (2016-2017-2018). That is over 15 hours of video content!Course Curriculum:Topic 1: Introduction to the MMI – What to Expect Topic 2: The 7 key skills required to ace any MMI station. How to change your approach depending on the skill they are testing. Topic 3: Skill 1 + sample questions Topic 4: Skill 2 + sample questions Topic 5: Skill 3 + sample questions Topic 6: Skill 4 + sample questions Topic 7: Skill 5 + sample questions Topic 8: Skill 6 + sample questions Topic 9: Skill 7 + sample questions Topic 10: Summary and good luck!

  • The Weekly MMI Live Course - 2018 Class

    0 Lessons in

  • Interview Mastery

    19 Lessons in $0.00

    There are two main types of medical school interviews: The standard 1:1 interview and the MMI/MPI type interview.In this guide, you will learn about the different types of interview styles and how to master each one!At the end of the guide, you will also find some sample scenarios which would be excellent to practice with your coaches during 1:1 sessions.

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