Dhruv – UofT, Med

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Location: Toronto, Ontario

Language Preference: English

Area of Expertise: Personal Statement Editing and MMI coaching


            I am currently in my 2nd year of medicine at the University of Toronto. I have a strong passion for the neurosciences and have taken on an interest in surgery and thus hope to meld these interests towards a career in neurosurgery. I love to talk to peers and students about their work and social life and provide any help that they may ask for. This is why I want to be a coach because I find giving back and mentoring to students is very rewarding and a valuable experience that should be appreciated by the coaches.

Time management and balancing work/school/extracurricular life is one of my strengths and what I’m known for amongst my peers. In my spare time I love to watch TV, play video games and participate in badminton, biking, and basketball with friends. These extracurricular activities were the ones I maintained throughout medical school but when I was applying I also took interests in music by playing the saxophone and guitar; both of which I continue to this day time from time.

I am very excited to coach students to success and am looking forward to working with you!


Application Experience:

            I have experience applying to both Canadian and American medical schools. While being familiar with the application process for both systems I was also invited to complete interviews and received acceptances from schools in both countries. Within Canada specifically I applied to the: University of Toronto, University of Ottawa, McMaster University, Western University, Queen’s University, University of British Columbia, and Dalhousie University. I interviewed at University of Toronto and University of Ottawa.

Within American I have experience applying to 20 different schools across 8 states and specific interview experience (traditional and MMI) and acceptance for Wayne State School of Medicine in Detroit, Michigan and State University of New York. I applied to medical school twice before being accepted after completing my 4th year of undergraduate education where I received a Bachelors of Science.


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  1. Dhruv was extremely helpful, pleasant, and prepared for our mock interview session. I feel much more comfortable and confident approaching difficult questions and I am looking forward to applying his advice on my interview day.






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