General Questions


What is MedCoach?

At MedCoach we specialize in building your confidence. We help you identify your best traits so that your personality can shine throughout the application process – from application writing, to preparing for the CASPer test and of course when practicing for interviews/MMIs.

Our mission is to provide the most affordable one-on-one coaching with medical students of your choice who are passionate about giving you confidence throughout the application process so that you stand out, and achieve acceptance!

We also believe in the value of mentorship which is why you have complete control over which coach you choose to work with and when. Want a little help? Great! Want a lot of help? No problem! You control how much coaching you want and when.

Over the past 10+ years we have helped students achieve acceptance to medical schools all over Canada and the US.

For every session that you book, we also make it our mission to donate to a healthcare related charity and support students from low SES backgrounds who could not otherwise afford coaching through our MedCoach Bursary.

Where Can I Find MedCoach Reviews?

All of our coach reviews can be found on this page. This is a summary of each review left on a coach profile page.

Specific product reviews can be found on the product pages.

What Is The Best Way To Contact MedCoach?

During business hours, try our chat widget at the bottom right of the page!

Or e-mail us at

All of your questions are answered by current medical students, residents or physicians, so please forgive us if we don’t answer right away – we might be in clinic or seeing patients 🙂

Does MedCoach Offer Coaching For Other Programs or CARMs Coaching?

Since the interview styles are very similar across all of the health care professional fields (and assess similar skills), our coaches can help you prepare.

We help students applying to dentistry, PT, OT, midwifery, and pharmacy.

Also, over the years, our medical student coaches come back to us as residents to coach for CARMs!

Please e-mail with the program you are interviewing for and we can find a MedCoach for you.

The Coach I Want Does Not Have Availability. What Do I Do?

If your coach does not have any availability on their calendar it does not mean that they are not available. There may be two reasons why the coach does not have availability:

  1. They are fully booked or
  2. They have not set availability due to a busy rotation in medical school

The easiest way to find out if a coach can open up specific hours for you would be for you to download our app, login and send the coach a message. You can also send the coach a message by going to the find a coach page and when you are logged in you’ll see the button to message each coach.

What Is Your Refund Policy?

For One-On-One Sessions:

Cancellation of a session is subject to a $5 administration fee.

Rescheduling a session is free.

Cancellation <5 hours before the coaching session and/or no show: No refund

Please understand our MedCoaches make time out of their busy schedules to meet with students! Please respect your appointment times and make sure that you can be there as well before booking.

Refund policy for packages or other products: 

Please note that we do not grant refunds for session packages (5 pack, ultimate) if you are unable to use all of your sessions. The exception would be if no coaches are available (across Canada) to coach you.

We do not provide refunds for recorded material (such as courses) if more than 24 hours have passed since purchase.

Any refunds for courses or packages will be subject to a $15 administration fee

What Services Do You Offer?

We offer complete mentorship with the application process from start to finish.

One-on-One Coaching Sessions

What can you do with a coach?

  • Learn about what it is like to be in medical school to see if it is right for you
  • Plan our your pre-application years in terms of extracurriculars, MCAT strategy, etc.
  • Review your application (resume, cover letter, OMSAS, etc.)
  • Get advice about the CASPer Test
  • Practice CASPer Questions
  • Have a mock interview/MMI session with your coach and get feedback on how to improve

CASPer Test Prep

  • We have a CASPer Prep Course to learn about the different types of questions and how to approach them
  • We provide practice CASPer tests with feedback and without feedback.
  • A free sample test is also available

Interview/MMI/MPI Prep

Where Does MedCoach Donate?

Since 2015 MedCoach has made it a part of our mission to donate to a healthcare-related charity each year. We discuss the charities with our coaches and also encourage students to suggest their favourite charities as well!

In the past we have made donations to:

MS Society

Canadian Mental Health Association

Kids Kicking Cancer

COVID-19 Research

What Is The MedCoach Bursary?

The MedCoach Bursary was created in 2020 to help improve access to coaching services to student in financial need.

If you are in need of coaching but cannot afford services due to financial difficulty, please apply for our bursary. You can find the application on the website. For help e-mail

Approved applications will receive free coaching sessions as well as discounts!

Do You Offer Packages?

We offer a few packages that combine courses/sessions, CASPer practice/courses/sessions or just sessions at a discount!

The Ultimate Package

The Total Interview Prep Package

The CASPer Prep Package

The 5-pack Sessions Package