Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find a list of frequently asked questions. Click on the question you need an answer to!

General Questions

  1. What is MedCoach?
  2. What services does MedCoach offer?
  3. How do I find my coach?
  4. What is MedCoach’s refund policy?
  5. Does MedCoach only help students applying to medicine?
  6. How can I contact MedCoach?
  7. What are MedCoins?
  8. Where can I find MedCoach reviews?

Service Related Questions

  1. Can I upgrade to a different package at a later time?
  2. What is the best program for me?
  3. What is the MedCoach Bursary?

Questions related to One-On-One Coaching

  1. What will I do with my MedCoach during a session?
  2. If a coach does not have availability, can I send them a message to see if they have another available time?
  3. How do I leave a review for my coach

Questions related to CASPer Tests and CASPer Questions

How can I prepare for the CASPer test?

What is the difference between your CASPer crash course and the practice CASPer test with practice questions?How are CASPer questions made?where do you get your Casper questions