Hamna – UofC

5/5 (1)

Location: Calgary, AB

Accepted From: Bachelor’s

Application Experience: UofC, UofT, UofA

A Bit About Me:

I’m a first year medical student at the University of Calgary. I enjoy reading, photography, public speaking and I am currently teaching myself to play the piano!

I joined MedCoach because I think it is so important to have a good support system to help you during the application process. In addition the ability to have someone who is already in medical school review your application, coach you for your interview and provide general advice is invaluable. I had a lot of people around me to provide advice when I was applying and I’d love to help someone else through this process.

I encourage you to message me privately for any questions you have, or when booking a session to confirm the time and date.

Don’t see a time that fits your schedule?


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  1. Hamna is amazing. She went above and beyond my expectations 🙂






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