What gets you the top score in the MMI? 

During our Weekly MMI class last night, we had a volunteer for a practice MMI and I asked the class to give that volunteer a score. It was clear across the board that everyone thought that this volunteer deserved an almost perfect score.

So the question is WHY did this person get a high score compared to the other volunteers during the class? Other volunteers said equally important things in their practice station, so why did this student score higher?

So I asked the class…The group was in agreement that because the person was confident and had good intonation in their voice, they were more likely to agree with the points they raised during the answer.

Isn’t it interesting that you can increase your score by changing the energy in your voice and your style of speech?

I have practiced interviews with many smart students, but unfailingly, the students with confidence in their answers are the ones that get in!

What does this mean for you? Practice, practice, practice, until your answers come confidently and naturally since this might be the factor that separates you from the rest of the group on interview day!