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Jason k
Location: Memorial University in St. John’s NL
Preferred Language: English (Possibly French if needed)
I feel comfortable mentoring on any of the categories, but I have the most experience with MMI preparation
Hi future doctors,
I always thought that I would love to be a guidance counsellor if medical school didn’t work out because I get great joy out of giving advice to students. I know how difficult, stressful and confusing it can be to prepare a medical school application and go through the interview process. I went through it many times and want to share my experiences to help other students!
Apart from beings medical student, what gives me joy in life is cooking! I have a true passion for learning and experimenting with new recipes as well as cooking for large groups of people in order to bring people together. And when they complement me on my cooking then that is just an added bonus! Apart from cooking I love to volunteer my time with the Association for New Canadians where I help perform medical intake screenings on new refugees as well as go out and do activities with them in the community to help them integrate into Canadian society.

I got into medical school after only my third year of university studying in a general science degree, which I regard as quite an impressive feat! I know what students need to do in order to stand out and look good even when all of the competition has Master’s, PhDs, or other professional degrees.

I applied to all English Canadian medical schools except for McGill, Saskatchewan and NOSM as I was not eligible, being in my second year at the time of application. I interviewed at Calgary, Ottawa, McMaster and memorial. I also applied to, and was accepted at two Australian medical schools (Sydney and Deakin university) which were my back up plans.
I can also advise students on what I see as the best way to prepare for, and succeed in, the MCAT. I prepared for my MCAT over a couple months and even went down to the U.S to write it. From the first time I took a practice test to my result on the real thing I had increased my score by 17 points.


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