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Location: Calgary, Alberta

Language Preference: English

Area of Expertise: MMI coaching/Personal statement editing

A bit about yourself: I am a first year medical student at the University of Calgary. I love cooking, bicycling, and swimming.

I decided to join MedCoach so that I could support applicants through the process and take out some of the stress! I’ve also done quite a few big and sudden moves in the past year so I can definitely give an insight to those applying to distant schools and the balance that needs to come with it.

Application experience: The first time I applied to medical school was in my fourth year of undergrad (University of Alberta, BSc. Major in Biology and Minor in Chemistry). I had applied to UBC, UofA, and UofC. I had been invited to interview at all three and chose to interview at UBC and UofC. The second time I applied was right after I graduated from my undergrad, I applied to UofC and UofM, interviewed at both and was accepted to the UofC.



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  1. Kiersten is amazing 🙂 I had 3 sessions with her and I found her very helpful.






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