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Remember that interviewers see many candidates per day so it is very important to make sure you stand out!

Make sure to find out what kind of interview style your school will be using. Standard, also known as panel-style interviews are less common now with the growing trend towards the MMI and MPI.

If your school is using the standard interview style, you must know your CV and personal statement inside and out and rehearse your answers so that you can answer in an organized and timely manner.

Students who do not rehearse think they know what they want to say in their head, but when you add on the pressure, you can fumble and mumble your words, resulting in an inefficient answer. So make sure to practice out loud or with friends so that by the time you get to the interview, you will not need to waste time thinking about your answer.

You also do not want your answer to be too generic or monotone. You should sound authentic and passionate when answering the interviewer’s questions.

These tips below might seem obvious but you’d be surprised at how many people don’t pay attention to their own habits!

  • Be Engaged – Your body language says a lot about your personality. Sit straight and even lean a bit forward. By having a more engaging body language, the interviewers will be more motivated to listen.
  • Maintain eye contact – Nobody likes talking to someone who never looks at them. In health care, it’s all about the personal connection so make sure you connect with your interviewers with your eyes! In fact, since the release of electronic medical records and the need for more and more documentation, one of the most common comments from patients is that doctors are too busy writing in their charts than looking at the actual patient! Start developing good habits from the start 🙂
  • Any answer is better than no answer – A lot of people are worried that they need to have extremely unique answers for every question. If you have a unique answer, great! If you don’t, it’s fine as well! As long as your answer is well thought out and you can deliver it well, you will be ahead of the game. So, practice, practice, practice.
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