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Years ago, medical schools started switching from the standard interview format to the multiple mini interview format. Why? Because they realized that it’s much harder for candidates to fake their personality than to come up with a perfect answer to standard questions.

The MMIs are so spontaneous and so unexpected, that candidates have no choice but to be themselves during the scenarios – and that is exactly what the medical schools want to see – they want to know you, the real you.

One of the pros of the MMI is that you have many different evaluators, and therefore more chances to impress. Compare this to a standard interview where if the interviewer doesn’t like you – that’s it, no more chances.

Another pro to the MMI is that it tests skills that you will actually need as a physician:

How do you deal with conflict? How do you deal with stress? Are you a good teacher? Are you immature?  Are you empathetic? Do you have the skills of a great physician and will you represent us positively if we let you into our school?

The bottom line is this: If you are good with people and have experience interacting with people in the real world, you will be fine!

But of course, there is always benefit to practice and knowing what to expect ?

Different schools may have different setups for the MMI, but the principle is the same: You have a certain amount of scenarios (lets say 10). You will be taken to a door and will have 1-2 minutes to read the scenario posted on the door. You will then be told to enter the room – and then it’s showtime! You will be given a warning when you have a few minutes left and will be told when the scenario is over. Then you will be guided to your next door, and your next scenario.

There is no time to think about how you did. The best advice is when the station is over, leave your thoughts in the room and move on to the next door. You need all of you energy to focus 100% on the next scenario – you can’t afford to be thinking about the last one.

Although the MMI is meant to be a spontaneous and life-like test, it is still staged in a non-realistic environment. Therefore, it is important to be prepared for the various types of MMI stations you can face. Taking out the fear and the pressure of the MMI allows you to truly be yourself during the interview.

This is our goal at MedCoach.

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