Class 2 – Role Playing Scenarios

Notes from Leah:

Allyson focused on role-playing scenarios for this class, however tips in communication applies to any scenario, including personal and ethical scenarios.

Practicing emotional scenarios includes your personal scenarios as well. We have had situations in the past where students have broken down while talking about a significant past experience. It is important to remember the professionalism role as well and relay the lessons from the experience you are talking about. If an experience is too emotional to speak about it might be reasonable to choose a different experience to talk about.

There may be some scenarios where you are not sure if you delt with the issues – this is normal and you will never have enough time to get through everything.

Remember that it is not always about finding a solution. You might feel you need to rush the actor along, but part of the scenario is actually listening to what the actor has to say, and not forwarding your own agenda.

Bonus scenario:

A friend of yours grew up in Quebec and is fully bilingual. You are both in undergrad and are hoping to get into medical school in the near future. Your friend enrols in French 101, pretending to know only rudimentary French, in order to achieve an easy A in the course and boost GPA. 

How might you approach this situation?

Chat Transcript:

00:49:56 Braden: Use of open ended questions was good, and using follow up questions to narrow the focus was good. The main issue seemed to be the parental pressure on university and how that was affecting Jane. Could tell that you got more comfortable with the scenario. The actor had a flat affect which made it difficult to read how she was feeling. I would say 6-7/10. Just because was no closure or wrap up at the end. However very difficult to know how much time is left.
00:51:57 Isabella Aversa: I thought it was great how you showed empathy and spoke in a really kind tone to make the student feel comfortable. I think if you asked more open ended questions you could have got the student to open up more about the issue. Great job going first! 6/10
00:52:15 Josee: 8/10- Great open ended questions, and empathy! However the main subject (university) was not discussed very much. You spoke very clearly as well!
00:52:20 Ben: 8-9 – Good work! I also thought you connected with the student when you said you understand how it felt like working from home. How this is something that a lot of people are experiencing (normalizing). You were also calm. I do think that it may be  better to add some more lines that are focused on empathy, before you ask a proving open-ended question.
00:53:41 Alexandra Chiew (she/her): Hi Michelle! Great job, thanks for going first this morning! 🙂 I agree, you empathized and related to MJ’s troubles well using your own real life examples. I think you could have probed a bit more into what MJ wanted as you focused more on how MJ can work around existing issues to meet the parent’s expectations 7-8/10
00:53:49 Braden: You can introduce yourself and let them know a hobby you like to make it more casual
00:54:25 Truong, Thien-Vu: You were empathetic and asked questions. However, the issue of university was less addressed. Overall good job. 7/10
00:54:37 M.Nemcsok: 7/10. Good Job Michelle! YOur questions were great for drawing out the concerns from Jane’s perspective.
00:54:47 jean-francois: 8/10. Well done! There were multiple perspectives to address and you explored them in some way. Normalisation of her feeling of distress with at home learning. Good use of open ended questions.
00:55:04 Janna: Any tips for preparing in the 2 mins prior to the scenario starting?
00:55:33 Andréa Sarah Lo: 7/10: You asked great questions that demonstrated your empathy. You remained very calm and I liked the fact you normalized MJ’S feelings by sharing yours. It would’ve been nice if you talked more about the university admission issue, but overall, you did a great job!
00:55:35 Mathilde St-Aubin: Hi ! I feel like you did a very good job, you touched a lot of important points. However I feel like it was very axed on questions and less on discussion with the student. Overall : great job ! 8/10
00:55:54 MedCoach Inc.: It does not look like Peter will be joining us – does anyone want to go next?
00:56:32 stacey: would it be appropriate to ask ” how much do you know about universities in your area?” and if the answer is not to much , respond with ” would you be okay if I put together a list of some universities and go through it with you on your next visit?” like suggesting solutions ?
00:57:03 William Doherty: I think you did relatively well. You were able to relate the emotions of the actor and look into the possible problems of the actor. I would say that you stayed fairly large in the opening rather than going into depth. I would say had you had more time it would not have been as big an issue. 7/10
00:57:04 Bhavneet Jhajj: 7/10 – You got through the first two steps, figuring out the situation, understanding her perspective, using empathy. Your response might of been stronger, if you were able to get through the second to steps, resolving and reassessing. Perhaps knowing the timing would help in future scenarios. Overall, well done.
00:57:11 stacey: thank you !
00:57:44 Braden: I can but i went last week
00:57:45 Josee: I can go next
00:58:27 MedCoach Inc.: We still have one spot left for today, so if no one else volunteers, it will go to Braden
00:59:17 Janna: I would be up to try a scenario
01:09:58 Isabella Aversa: Great job! I thought you did an excellent job showing empathy and building trust so you could get your concerns across without judging. 10/10
01:10:27 Rishav: 10 – Great work in establishing a rapport quickly and empathizing with Gwen’s situation. Creating the online support group for moms was an excellent idea! Possibly could have suggested other avenues of support that can alleviate Gwen’s situation currently i.e. asking does she have support systems in place? family/friends? If she is the only person looking after her children that can be very taxing given lockdowns and balancing work/children etc.
01:10:30 William Doherty: 10/10 I would say you were able to change the perspective of your colleague very well. You understood the emotions of her in a natural way. You were able to keep you colleague calm and open to your ideas. Very well-rounded and well-managed!
01:10:46 Bhavneet Jhajj: 10/10 – Great Job jumping right in naturally, showing empathy, relating with your college, and working towards potential solutions. Great Job!
01:10:54 M.Nemcsok: 8/10. Well done Josee. Great positivity to start the call. Good job relating as a fellow parent. Timing seemed good to transition into providing perspectives on importance of lockdowns, but maybe too much information in one shot. Maybe ask if you can share your perspective to let them know they’re in control of the conversation to earn trust. Awesome ideation to form a support group. Good job sticking to the role as a colleague and finishing with reminder of being available.
01:10:57 jean-francois: 8/10. Very good connection with Gwen. Empathy natural. Could have made Gwen talk a little more with open ended questions. Not confrontational.
01:11:23 Michelle Leong: Score: 8. Asked great open-ended questions. Remained non-judgemental even though I get the sense interviewee was pro-lockdown. Try to delve a bit more into why the lockdown is making her life more difficult
01:11:39 Orélie Tran: 10/10 I like that you mentioned how it might affect the job, and also your enthusiastic tone to get her more motivated, and repeated that you relate to her, giving solutions. Great job!!!
01:12:08 Mathilde St-Aubin: Hi ! I feel like you did a really good job ! You approached the issue in an empathetic way, finding out with her that the issue were not the lockdowns themselves, but how she felt during the isolation. The solutions you provided were specific and very useful. The point you said about affecting her job was very well thought through. Great job ! 10/10
01:12:13 Ben: 8-9. Great job! I like how you started off candid. It sounded natural. You were friendly. You demonstrated the genuine willingness to help. Timing was great. Before telling them your perspective – you may want to consider to ask if they want to hear about your perspective on pandemic. Also, you can ask more open-ended questions, asking them what they think is best for them, rather than first putting in your suggestions.
01:12:30 Braden: Great job on keeping the conversational casual. At the same level without judgement. 9/10.
01:13:14 Andréa Sarah Lo: 9/10: I really liked the way you approach the situation. Your enthusiasm was really contagious and definitely helped building a trusting relationship. You gave great solutions and also reminded her about the possible consequences of going to that rally. The only thing I would work on would be talking a little bit less and asking more open ended questions so that Grewn can share a little bit more.
01:13:17 Truong, Thien-Vu: Great job being empathetic and without jugement. 9/10
01:19:22 Andréa Sarah Lo: illness
01:19:26 MedCoach Inc.: Illness
01:25:00 M.Nemcsok: 9/10. Good Job Hind. Excellent calmness in tone. Introduction was a little bit strong, but effective. Great use of silence with pauses, showing that you’re thoughtful and giving the situation your full attention. Helpful offers to share ideas for supportive arrangements, treatment alternatives  and making yourself available for future communication.
01:25:15 Ben: 9-10. I like how you wanted to understand the underlying reasons. You were empathetic. You were calm. You recognized your professional limits as a support worker. You respect her opinions. You were calm. You might want to consider introducing yourself – what you do – when you start talking with Monica.
01:25:32 jean-francois: 7.5/10. Showed empathy very well. Connection with the mother established. In this situation, it might be better to be careful with phrases like ‘’I get it’’ since it is a very specific and difficult situation and only a few people can actually understand what the mother is going through. Very good listening and non judgmental.
01:27:07 Braden: That went well. 9/10. Good empathy, excellent validation of how hard the decision is. Good job including alternatives that could be tried to make the treatment easier. Then connecting her with a follow up with her physician about her decision and any guidance he/she can provide.
01:27:17 Josee: 8 –  You remained calm and empathetic! Maybe be careful saying I understand, when this is a very specific condition, if you never went through it. Could frustrate some people.
01:27:17 Isabella Aversa: I thought you did a great job being non judgemental and not forcing the mother to do the treatment. Your tone was really calm and empathetic. I liked how you told her to speak to her doctor because they may be more educated on treatment options. 9/10
01:28:56 Orélie Tran: 9/10 I liked that you showed empathy, you advised her to consult her doctor for more information, and you understand that taking a break is okay
01:29:05 Michelle Leong: Score: 8. Student could have built a little more trust and rapport in the beginning before jumping into “do you know why I am here today”. Could have delved deeper into her child’s desire to stop treatment and the side effects of treatment. Good job at re-directing patient to a doctor to discuss the issue further.
01:29:26 William Doherty: Really great, calm interactions that were able to open the mind of the mother. Great use of open ended questions. 9/10. Showing different possibilities very well to the mother
01:29:54 Truong, Thien-Vu: I like that you were non judgemental and open to all options. 9/10
01:32:03 Andréa Sarah Lo: 8/10: You were great at keeping your calmness and being non-judgemental. Be careful when you say that you understand since a very few people have experienced this situation. I would’ve suggested to talk with the daughter as well and asked her she was aware of the possible consequences of stopping the chemo treatments. But overall, you did a great job!
01:32:20 Mathilde St-Aubin: Hi ! I feel like you did a good job, you approached the subject in a very empathetic manner and never judged her decision. I think you could have explored the different support options that are available, but overall great job !  8/10
01:33:17 William Doherty: Should our goal when answering this question be to open the mind of the mother on knowing more on the options of treatment, or even convince her passively to continue treatment?
01:35:43 William Doherty: Thank you so much. I truly understand much better how do navigate my answers!
01:36:16 Peter: sounds great! Thank you
01:47:07 jean-francois: 8 / 10. Dana and Peter probably still at cash register. Should have asked to go speak in a more private environnement. As a pharmacist myself, this is a very specific and difficult circumstance good job trying to navigate it. Very calm and empathetic in this situation and was able to get difficult answers from Dana.
01:47:34 Braden: Very good point Jean.
01:48:58 Michelle Leong: Score: 7. This was a hard prompt and you approached the sensitive topic empathetically. Brought in additional contextual information about individual coming here before. Maybe could have asked why she thinks a pregnancy test is needed. From the prompt, Plan B is used after unprotected sex so a pregnancy test will likely not work right away. Great job at probing into the situation deeper.
01:49:03 Isabella Aversa: I thought you did a great job at showing empathy when the patient said they were a victim of sexual assault. You were really patient and calm when addressing their concerns. I think you could have provided some resources for them like going to a women’s clinic. 7/10
01:49:04 Josee: 9/10 – Great job remaining calm and you seemed very empathetic. You were able to get the information out in a gentle way! The timing could have been improve a bit! Overall good job!
01:49:05 Alexandra Chiew (she/her): Good job Peter. You acknowledged the difficult situation the client was in, emphasized, stayed calm, and stated that you were there to support them. It might be helpful to emphasize building a positive, trusting relationship early on to help them feel open and comfortable speaking about the situation, particularly as a male pharmacist speaking to a female client in this situation. You might also consider exploring her thoughts and perspectives around her pregnancy and offering community resources based on her needs. 7-8/10
01:49:07 Mathilde St-Aubin: Hi ! I feel like you did a good job. However, you seemed a little hesitant throughout the scenario and I think you had some trouble getting to the main issue. Good job on staying calm and respectful. 7/10
01:49:51 Braden: Timing was great, we cannot rush the response of the actor, and have to take the time to listen. 8/10. Very good tone of voice and open attitude. A very sensitive topic, and the 8 minute time line is an unrealistic goal to complete the conversation. Great job.
01:50:02 William Doherty: 8/10 It took you some time to address the true problem, but I think it was the best thing to do in order to allow the person to open up. I would say it was good that you understood and got the person to open up about their assault. Good calmness as well!
01:50:51 Orélie Tran: 9/10 I liked that you were calm, and empathetic. You build trust between Dana. It was a very hard scenario so good job!
01:51:07 stacey: is it inappropriate if the customer is insistent she needs the pregnancy test to offer to buy it for her if you have the funds?
01:51:59 Hind Touileb: I think that maybe he could’ve just asked a bit more questions about if this was a a protected sexual practice, if she knew the risks (not in a judgmental way, but to inform her so it would not happen to her again)
01:52:18 Braden: That did not appear to be the main issue, but one could suggest cheaper places to buy them, dollar store has them for $4 instead of $20 at the pharmacy.
01:52:20 Andréa Sarah Lo: 6/10: You had a very non-judgmental tone and talked with a lot of calmness. I felt like you were very empathetic, but you seemed a bit hesitant at times and didn’t know what to say. Although, I understand it was an awkward scenario. If I was Dana, I would’ve liked to know the options available to me instead of talking about the sexual assault.
01:52:26 Hind Touileb: Also, maybe know if she’s scared of other’s jugement (family pressure, etc)
01:52:49 Truong, Thien-Vu: You were very calm and empathetic. You didn’t rush things and let the other person talk. It was a difficult scenario,good job. 8/10
01:52:53 Hind Touileb: And maybe, refer her to different ressources that may help her since it can be a really traumatizing experience for her
01:52:55 jean-francois: I don’t think there would be.
01:53:00 MedCoach Inc.: I think the bigger issue is about crossing lines/ If you do this for her, what about other patients?
01:53:06 MedCoach Inc.: Are you going to do this for everyone?
01:53:18 stacey: thank you!
01:53:44 M.Nemcsok: 8/10 . Good job Peter!  Excellent calmness and patience with measured level of engagement appropriate to sensitivity of situation. Offering more resources or options for others who could help might allow Dana to be more comfortable by showing that she has more options when she is showing signs of being destitute, and ensuring she get care for other tests that may be appropriate. Very good job seeing past the apparent issue of unaffordable test to recognize further underlying problems that led to the visit to the pharmacy.
01:54:13 Braden: They seem similar to The. Ones we use in emerge
01:54:26 Josee: There is also planned parenthood that might be open!
01:55:24 Andréa Sarah Lo: Can we suggest to only take the plan B for now since it’s highly effective the day after unprotected sex and tell them come back for the pregnancy test if she missed her periods?
01:55:34 William Doherty: Doesn’t the pregnancy test only work about a dozen days after the fertilization whereas the Plan B work best when used closest to the fertilization ( up to five days ). Thus, it would not have been necessary to get it right away (?)
01:55:49 Peter: Thank you for all of the feedback everyone. Noted and will be working on this! Really appreciate your honest thoughts.
01:56:05 MedCoach Inc.: I would suggest to focus on the bigger picture – remember that it is not about the specific solutions but about how you approach the situation. If you start the scenario by saying you will buy her the pregnancy test, she will yes, and scenario over – no opportunity to assess your communication skills or problem-solving. Remember you are also not expected to solve this as a medical professional – remember what they are looking for in the MMI!
01:57:24 MedCoach Inc.: Here we are assessing how you listen, how you gather information in a non-judgemental way. Not how you counsel people on the pill 🙂
01:57:56 William Doherty: Thank you so much!
01:58:11 M.Nemcsok: general question:  In an actual MMI, can we expect that there will be clarification of whether it’s a role-playing response or a discussion type response that’s expected?
01:58:26 Andréa Sarah Lo: thank you for your answer!
01:58:55 Hind Touileb: Should we refer her to other ressources that might help her with dealing with this since it may be really traumatizing for her (she said that he didn’t listen to her, etc)
01:59:07 stacey: if this wasn’t an acting station would solutions be more appropriate ? taken more of an if/then approach?
01:59:25 MedCoach Inc.: Post further questions one the Facebook group 🙂 We can continue the discussion there!
01:59:47 Braden: Yea that would be great
02:01:02 Allyson Dill: A friend of yours grew up in Quebec and is fully bilingual. You are both in undergrad and are hoping to get into medical school in the near future. Your friend enrols in French 101, pretending to know only rudimentary French, in order to achieve an easy A in the course and boost GPA.
How might you approach this situation?
02:12:00 William Doherty: 8/10 I think it was pretty good. You kept the good approach going into the call. However I do believe you did talk a lot (which was necessary to the understanding of Alex). It could have been great to allow Alex to talk a little bit more. The explanation of the problematic and the consequences to Alex was very complete and well explained!
02:12:29 Isabella Aversa: It was a good point to bring up that schools may notice they took French 101 even though they are bilingual. I thought you provided some good points on why it is unethical to take that class. I think you could have also explored why the friend felt like they needed to take this class, maybe they were under a lot of stress. 7/10
02:12:38 Michelle Leong: Score: 7.5. Using strong words such as “lying” may invoke a defensive response from the friend. Good job at asking the friend thoughts on the solution provided. Remained supportive and provided concrete examples at why friend’s decision was bad.
02:12:46 M.Nemcsok: 7/10. Good job Braden. Assumed the role, very calm and casual. Took time to get the confidence of your friend to talk about an unethical approach to achieving grades. Might ask questions to explore where their marks are lower to help them find ways to improve the grades of more appropriate courses. Good job emphasizing that you’re there to help your friend follow up with a plan to go to school.
02:12:58 Mathilde St-Aubin: Hi ! I feel like you did good, however, I think you came off a little judgmental, bringing up how dishonest the action is and how you personally wouldn’t do that. I would’ve put more emphasis on the consequences of the action, that is the point you brought up about them reviewing your transcript. I would’ve also mentioned that during the class the professor might notice that they are not in the right level of french and the consequences associates to that. 7/10
02:13:31 Peter: Great Job exploring the situation with your friend! I think you approached it well and were able to counsel your friend to see the potential issue of registering for the course. Overall, this was a minor note, but acknowledging that this was an innocent mistake, and trying not to make your friend feel bad about her decision. In addition, helping your friend by identifying drop/add dates, helping attend a meeting with the prof and your friend to discuss if needed, and letting them know what you support their decision, could strengthen your response. 8/10!
02:13:50 Josee: 7/10 – you remained calm, however, I found the conversation was very unilateral. It sounded at some points you were quite judgemental. Could have been more empathetic. Say you understand the pressure of getting good grades…
02:13:50 Truong, Thien-Vu: I like how you were calm and made the person realize the consequences of their actions. 8/10
02:14:01 Andréa Sarah Lo: 7/10: Very casual conversation, not judgemental at all. You were good at making Alex realise the possible consequences of taking French 101. It would’ve been nice to explore why Alex took this class. Is he feeling overwhelmed by school and why, if so? But I liked how you suggested solutions and talked about the positive points of taking another class.
02:15:20 MedCoach Inc.: Thank you everyone! Please post what you have learned today on the Facebook group. Please don’t forget to leave official feedback here:
02:15:39 Nijiati Abulizi: Thank you.
02:15:49 Orélie Tran: Thank you so much!!
02:15:50 Peter: thank you! Take care
02:15:51 Braden: Thank you
02:15:51 Truong, Thien-Vu: Thank you!
02:15:53 William Doherty: Than you so much!
02:15:53 Julia: Thank you!
02:15:54 Andréa Sarah Lo: thank you!
02:15:55 Isabella Aversa: Thank you!
02:15:55 Rishav: Thank you!
02:15:56 Lina: thank you
02:15:56 Ben: Thank you!
02:15:57 Mathilde St-Aubin: thank you so much !
02:15:59 Hind Touileb: Thank you so much!
02:16:04 Janna: Thank you so much!
02:16:07 M.Nemcsok: Awesome. THanks everyone!
02:16:13 MedCoach Inc.: Thank you everyone! Have a great weekend!