Class 3 – Personal Scenarios

Chat Transcript:

09:57:18 From Josee : 8- Great job! Your answer was organized and followed the questions asked in the prompt. You answered all of them, however you could have added more detail in your answers. Overall, great example and answer.
09:58:15 From Braden : The structure at he beginning was good. It was a good example of working in a team, but your statements near the end almost contradicted what you said at the beginning. First was it was easy to integrate then made it sound less easy to join the team. The story was good, simple without to many details, and focused on how you resolved the problem and skills you used to solve it and initiated the plan that you and your coworker discussed. 8/10
09:58:38 From Mathilde St-Aubin : Hi ! I think you did good, you touched a lot of good points in your answer. However, I think the delivery of your answer could have been slightly more dynamic. You gave good examples, great job ! 8/10
10:00:10 From William Doherty : 8.5
I think that you explained your situation very well in a structured way. I do believe you could have added a little more enthusiasm in your voice to show the value of your situation. You did also do a great job of showing what you learned from your experience!
10:00:51 From Michelle Leong : Score 8: The experience was very relevant. Your focused on the challenges and what you did, how you did it, and why you did it – this was great. You should focus additional time on what you found easy. I think if you practice this response again in a mirror and focus on having more dynamic tone and/or body language, your score will improve!
10:01:44 From Andréa Sarah Lo : 8/10: Great experience choice with concret experiences related. You can work on delivering a more dynamic answer. But overall, I felt like you reflected well on your experiences.
10:07:26 From MedCoach  To  Manasi Parikh(privately) : Maybe Janna can go since Davide is not on
10:07:29 From MedCoach  To  Manasi Parikh(privately) : Since she put her name
10:22:26 From Josee : 7/10 – Good job! You answered the questions, however, you could have talked more on the initial prompt. If the interviewer did not ask other questions, it would have been a very short answer. I really like the example of the little girl and how you connected with her in one of the worst moment of her life!
10:22:34 From Braden : Very appropriate examples. The stories were easy to follow, and listen to. This was a very difficult question to answer. 7/10
10:24:11 From Mathilde St-Aubin : Hi ! I feel like you did a good job ! The example you gave was well thought, and you explained it in a way that we were able to grasp the essential points of the situation. I think you could have gone a little more in detail about how you felt particularly in each scenario and how everything relates to the field of medicine. Overall, great job ! 8/10
10:26:13 From Truong, Thien-Vu : I think it’s great that you gave many personal examples and it was easy to follow. Good job! 8/10
10:26:23 From Andréa Sarah Lo : 8.5/10: I really liked your experiences, they were very unique and made you stand out. To go further, you could’ve elaborated it a bit more on the initial question. Your answer was also very natural and well thought.
10:45:32 From Josee : 7/10. Good job! Great example. However you were quite repetitive(about the support the other teams brought). You did not touch much on your emotions(last question of the prompt). The organization of your answer was much better than the first time you answered a situation a few weeks ago!
10:45:44 From Mathilde St-Aubin : Hi ! I feel like you did good, however you got caught up in the details of your story. The example itself was good and touched a lot of good points relating to medicine. There was also the other part of the question that could’ve been more focused on. Lastly, I think you could stick a little more to the answer method and work a little on your delivery tone. I think you did good ! 6/10
10:47:15 From Andréa Sarah Lo : 6.5/10: You chose an appropriate situation, but it would’ve been more pertinent to see more insight. Using the STARRR method would’ve helped you structure your answer. But overall, good job!
10:47:23 From Michelle Leong : Score 6.5: You picked a really great and relevant experience but I felt you focused too much on describing the situation and less about answering the questions. I don’t think it was necessary to describe the initial patient interactions (checking in on them, low blood pressure etc) that led to the patient started vomiting blood. The questions were indirectly answered when you were describing the situation. This was a healthcare related experience already but you can still say how this will be relevant as physician.
10:47:44 From Janna : With some of these medical experiences, there is a lot that can happen at once and it can be easy to go into those details. Try to connect to the emotions you felt in that scenario and then can talk about manage the situation. If you can focus on the specific tasks you did too that would help. Well done, it is hard to think on the spot. 7/10
10:48:41 From Truong, Thien-Vu : I liked that your example was in the healthcare field and we could see your train of thoughts during the experience. I think you could have made the story more concise to talk about what you learned. 7/10
10:48:56 From William Doherty : I think that similarly to what was already said, you spent a lot of time relating your story. It was good in the sense that you were able to speak with passion about it, but it did spill over into the time attributed to other things like what you learn and so forth. Great that you were able to display your medical experience. This somewhat displayed directly how your experience directly related to what you need as a good medical practitioner. 6.5
10:53:39 From Nijiati Abulizi : How should we answer more specific style questions? For example, tell me a time when someone else made a mistake and didn’t own up to it? I find it hard to first come up with a specific example for this type of forced style. The part where it says they didn’t own up to it makes it harder for me.
10:55:15 From Nijiati Abulizi : Yes it does
10:57:39 From Nijiati Abulizi : yes
10:57:39 From jean-francois : yes
10:57:43 From Nijiati Abulizi : Thanks
10:58:00 From Nijiati Abulizi : The most important part is what we learn from it 🙂
11:11:24 From Janna : I think your self evaluation is quite accurate. The structure you seemed to go back and forth. Later on you seemed to get more comfortable and then it got a lot clearer. You gave good examples with good insight. 8/10
11:12:36 From Mathilde St-Aubin : Hi ! I think you did really good ! Your examples were well thought through and touched a lot of important points. I liked your specific method on how to deal with these types of scenarios. You did repeat yourself slightly, but I don’t think you rambled too much. I think you could have focused a little more on what you learned on each situation and reflect on how it applies in the medical field, but overall great job ! 8/10
11:12:38 From Josee : 7.5/10 – Great job! You answered the question with insight and gave a good example without giving too much detail. Your answer could have been a little more organized and structured. You seemed very genuine!
11:12:51 From Andréa Sarah Lo : 7.5/10: I would’ve elaborated more on the first question before relating to your own experience. Finish one idea before jumping into the next one. It’ll save you some time. But I liked the fact you started with the fact that this kind of situation already happened to you. Nice job!
11:13:10 From Braden : Was a fair bit of jumping back and forth and repeating the importance of communicating and collaborating. Examples were clear and a not to long. Good body’s language for the question. It was a good answer, 8/10
11:16:12 From Truong, Thien-Vu : I liked that you considered many perspectives and possibilities. I think that having a better structure would have made these perspectives more clear. Good job! 8/10
11:20:12 From Alexandra Chiew (she/her) : Thanks Manasi, this was really helpful!
11:20:17 From Nijiati Abulizi : Thank you
11:20:32 From Janna : Thank you for all the feedback today!
11:20:34 From Truong, Thien-Vu : Thank you!
11:20:42 From Mathilde St-Aubin : Thank you so much !
11:20:43 From Julia : Thank you!
11:20:43 From MedCoach : Thank you everyone!