Class 4 – Mixed Scenarios


Chat Transcript:

09:33:18 From Braden : Good job with your focus on Jason as the patient, and good job including that the family is a big part of Jason’s health. One thing you could include is asking a colleague for guidance in an approach to this case. 8/10
09:33:19 From jean-francois : 8.5/10. It went very well. As a counselor, he puts his patient first. Demonstrated empathy with the situation. I think it was a bit more difficult when Daniel started talking about how strong the couple was at home. I believe this is information that would be very difficult for a genetic counselor to have. Daniel explored many different perspectives and that was very well done. Overall, very good !
09:35:08 From Rishav : Great job Daniel, I think there are some ideas you can definitely add. Firstly, I think outlining that you would meet in a safe space with no interruptions would be an important thing to highlight. Given that this is a pretty complicated situation, I think you could also have added that you would reach out to colleagues that may have more experience than you and they could possibly provide you with some assistance. 8/10
09:37:09 From Michelle Leong : Score 7.5: You hit all important points – the patient is the priority, explored multiple perspectives, and explained the implications of the condition! I think you were a little redundant in some areas and you could have focused a bit more on the issue that neither parents have the HD gene. In the follow-up, I may also consider the health of the biological father, who may have Huntington’s but not be aware
09:38:07 From Josee : 7.5/10 – Great job focusing on Jason and giving good ressources for his disease. However, the structure and answer organization was a bit wobbly. This was a hard situation but you handled it well!
09:38:33 From Andréa Sarah Lo : 8/10: You approach this situation in a very professional manner. I really liked the fact you explored all the perspectives but kept in mind that Jason’s well being is priority. You could work a bit more on your structure and the intonation in your voice to have a more dynamic answer.
09:38:46 From M.Nemcsok : Excellent consideration of perspective of the parents’ perception of the news, and risks in how the news is delivered. Perhaps explain the nature of the disease and the possibility that this is a mutation that ‘skipped’ parents. Follow-up question clarified this, but without that piece of information I think it would be helpful for the patient to understand this.  Good points about asking patient about his home life. Good Job! 8/10
09:39:08 From Orélie Tran : 8/10 I like that you insisted about your priority being Jason, his well-being, and that you can’t lie to patients but advising Jill to tell him the situation herself. Good job!
09:39:25 From Truong, Thien-Vu : Good job! You gave multiple perspectives and stated all the implications, while focusing on Jason. You could’ve improved the structure and the organization. 8/10
09:40:20 From JL : 8/10 Multiple perspectives discussed. It was professional.
09:40:55 From Isabella Aversa : 8/10 – I think it was great how you considered the way that the news about Jason’s father might affect his well-being. I agree with others that your answer could have been even stronger if you told the interviewer about other stakeholders that you’d want to bring in. For example, consulting an ethics board or other physicians. Overall I think you did a great job!
09:42:58 From Davide Verrelli : I liked that you started by addressing the patient and how his disease would affect his life, first. That said, I thought more discussion of the ethical implications of confidentiality would have elevated the answer. 7/10
09:43:10 From JL : Just to be sure, the idea is not to tell directly to the father what Jill told us, but rather encourage her to do that by herself?
09:43:26 From Davide Verrelli : I believe so
09:43:38 From Davide Verrelli : This is better for the relationship
09:43:43 From Allyson Dill : Yes, because the father did not ask the doctor directly
09:44:09 From Allyson Dill : Although you can offer to break the news to him, it would be better for Jill to discuss it with Joe first
09:52:26 From Braden : Great example. Good job describing the scenario without giving many details. Making sure that the patient was your focus, while still caring for the family as well and finding a way to support them while maintaining the confidentiality. Good job reflecting on what you learned from this experience and applying it to your future career as a physician. Information was easy to follow. 8/10
09:53:28 From Isabella Aversa : Your content was really great, I think you answered the ethical principles question very well by discussing autonomy and justice. I liked how you also considered the perspectives of the family and how they are feeling. I think you could work on being less repetitive in your response. 8/10
09:54:01 From Josee : 7/10- Very good! You went over many ethical principles and spoke with good intonation. You were a little repetitive, and phrased the same information differently many time. Great example in the medical field!
09:54:13 From M.Nemcsok : Very good explanation of the scenario of your experience with a suitable level of detail. I thought  a little more detail on the specifics in this scenario regarding the importance to maintain the confidentiality could have framed your response and given it focus. You covered great range of perspectives of the family, the patient and the care team. Good job! 8.5/10
09:55:04 From Mathilde St-Aubin : Hi ! I feel like you did good, you touched a lot of good points and your example was very relevant. You summed up your story nicely at first, going on with the ethical points quickly without focusing too much on the details of the situation. After your provided that answer however, I feel like you circled back to the initial scenario instead of going more into detail about the different ethical principles involved. Overall, great job ! 8/10
09:55:19 From Davide Verrelli : I liked the way you worked through your example. I thought you could have shared a bit more detail about the scenario, though. Certainly, there was some repetition, but I think having that extra bit of detail would have helped to address one point in a fulsome way and then move to another point. Good job all around. 7/10
09:56:59 From Orélie Tran : 8/10 I like that you included what you learned from this experience. I like your example since it involves a medical field scenario and i also like that you made it clear that you have to inform the patient first, the importance of patient autonomy, confidentiality, trust with healthcare professionals. Just a little repetitive but good job!!
09:57:41 From Andréa Sarah Lo : 8/10: Great choice of life experience to represent the principle of confidentiality. You talked about great ethical principles as well. I felt like you repeated yourself a couple of times, but overall you did a great job of handling the situation.
09:59:15 From Michelle Leong : thank you
10:00:11 From Truong, Thien-Vu : I like that your experience related to the healthcare field and that you considered the ethical implications. Good job! 8/10
10:08:49 From M.Nemcsok : Excellent introduction and explanation of how you would approach the question. I suggest staying calm and considering the math more carefully. Considering the long endurance required for being in climb for 19 to 20 hours, it might be worth bringing that perspective in, and this may give platform for highlighting an example of your commitment in climbing metaphorical walls. Your response to the follow-up question was fantastic. 8/10.
10:10:16 From Davide Verrelli : Nice going with answering the final followup and then stepping beyond it and bringing medicine into the picture, talking about developing our knowledge. I think you could have considered your height in getting to the top of the wall – and suggesting that we would have to clarify what it means to get at the top of the wall (hand to top? Whole body over the top?). Good job at showing your thought process throughout. 8/10
10:11:18 From Isabella Aversa : I thought it was great how you were humble and open to learning. I liked how you connected this to being a physician. I think your response to the initial question could have considered other factors that could add to the time of climbing like time for taking breaks. 8/10
10:11:29 From Braden : Good job explaining your thought process. Having a more open perspective is key to these, like M Nemcsok mentioned, to have the endurance to climb that long, why are we sliding back, what could we change to make the climb more efficient, can we get assistance in the climb. Being adaptive is really important. Good job in answering the follow up question. 7.5/10
10:12:53 From Josee : 8/10 – great job! Difficult to talk 8 minutes about this! You could have talked about how in medicine sometimes when you take one step forward it feels like you don’t make a lot of headway, but perseverance is important! Your answer to the follow up question was very clear and concise.
10:13:55 From Orélie Tran : 8/10 This scenario is difficult, but I like that you started with an outline, that you linked with medicine, that you insisted about accepting your mistakes and being open to criticism. Maybe you can expand your perspective by using this wall as an analogy to a real life example linked to the healthcare field first (but u did it in the follow up question 🙂 Good job!
10:14:44 From Truong, Thien-Vu : I like that you explained your thought process and linked your answer to the healthcare field. 8/10
10:14:55 From Braden : Climbing betas can change based on your height
10:14:57 From Andréa Sarah Lo : 7.5/10: Even though the answer wasn’t 5 hours, you provided a very thoughtful reflection on how you came up with this answer. Relating to your own personal experiences helped the interviewer get to know you better. Good job!
10:15:04 From Mathilde St-Aubin : Hi ! I feel like you did a really good job, you were quick with your answer and didn’t fumble even if it was a weird question. Great job in the follow up ! Your answer was structured and you touched a lot of great points. 9/10
10:15:51 From Rishav : Thanks for the feedback everyone!
10:27:05 From Isabella Aversa : 10/10 I think you were confident when you were speaking and had a very friendly introduction. You made some very strong points and it flowed nicely 🙂
10:28:22 From M.Nemcsok : Good structure in your response.Good explanation of the reason that things change in science. Your delivery was great, your recovery (with a moment to think) was excellent. A little more detail on your personal experience might have helped keep that part of your response on track. Great explanation of how you’d practice empathy in understanding the perspectives of others. Your approach of helping your friend be more informed is well-thought out. 9/10.
10:28:35 From Josee : 9/10 – Great information, you seem very genuine. I think slowing down could definitely benefit you in future scenario. You looked very confident and you information was very insightful!
10:28:41 From Braden : 9/10. Well structured, you followed through each idea before moving on and answered the question top to bottom which made it easy to follow. The beginning was slightly repetitive, but overall it was a thorough answer to this question.
10:29:55 From Orélie Tran : 9/10 I like that you related to a real life situation, that you insisted on understanding your friend if there’s not enough clear communication/transparency from the government, guiding your friend to a reliable source. I also like that you are very dynamic!! Good job!
10:30:24 From JL : 9/10 Very detailed question. Your answer shows that you are aware of the whole situation.
10:30:31 From Davide Verrelli : I liked that you discussed how we could look at past pandemics for initial decision making, but that COVID was a different, new virus. It’s easy to forget that after two years of research coming out about COVID. Good discussion of evidence generation being key. Good at seeking to understand their perspective.
10:30:51 From Andréa Sarah Lo : 9/10: Great job at considering all the points of view. You stayed professional and respectful towards your friend. A very well thought answer and overall very natural flow.
10:30:53 From Davide Verrelli : Your friend’s*
10:31:08 From Alexandra Chiew : Thanks for the feedback everyone! Appreciate it 🙂
10:31:50 From Truong, Thien-Vu : Your answer was very detailed and you considered many aspects. 9/10
10:43:20 From Braden : Good job finding a point to jump into the conversation. You had a good listening and speaking balance, and came to a resolution and great job including follow up support. 8/10
10:44:48 From Isabella Aversa : You were really empathetic and considered your friends perspective! I think you could have also asked her how it’s been affecting her or her relationship with her mother or partner. 9/10
10:44:49 From M.Nemcsok : Good job assuming the role of the friend on the phone call, with good questions asked to understand the tension in the family regarding race. Strong focus on the relationship with mother maybe should have been balanced with some attention to caller’s feelings towards Bruce, and Bruce’s perception of the experience. Excellent job offering to help plan the conversation with the family in the future. 7.5/10
10:45:59 From Orélie Tran : 9/10 I like that you took a moment to listen to her to get all info about this situation, your tone of voice was very calm and understanding, i also like that you insisted on being supportive, maybe approach how Bruce is feeling but good job!!
10:47:04 From Truong, Thien-Vu : You listened well to your friend and were empathetic. I like that you were open to all possibilities. 9/10
10:47:20 From Andréa Sarah Lo : 8/10: You’re definitely a great listener and you asked great questions to get to know the situation better. Maybe asking Bruce how he’s feeling about the situation could’ve helped you score more points. But overall, you were a nice supportive friends who knew her limits.
10:48:43 From Josee : 7.5/10 – good job! You did mention different perspectives and suggest for your friend not to jump to conclusions. Maybe talk a little bit about Bruce and how he is doing. You seemed very empathetic to the situation!
10:49:03 From Alexandra Chiew : Great job, Michelle! Great listening and support. You sounded quite natural and offered good solutions and perspectives for consideration
10:57:53 From Isabella Aversa : 10/10 Victoria, I thought you sounded confident and had a great structure. Your points were really strong and you came up with some great solutions to handle the situation.
10:58:19 From Rishav : 9/10 – Great answer Victoria! You were very confident in responding to the scenario as well as giving a well-rounded perspective. I think it could be important to consider how being called incompetent might feel to a new learning student. It may foster an environment that is not conducive to that learning and maybe giving some encouragement to the student would be good as well. But overall, that is a very minor thing I think you did a good job of giving a well rounded answer.
10:58:49 From Alexandra Chiew : Great job, Victoria! You touched on a lot of great points, emphasized validating the mother’s feelings, and explored different courses of action, reflecting on the impact of each. 9.5!
10:59:00 From jean-francois : 8.5 / 10. I felt like Victoria was able to put herself in the position of the student and had very reasonable approach to the situation. Was showing empathy to the mother. Validated mother feelings. Suggested getting a supervisor which is good. Then again as the supervisor I think she did a good job seeing the student’s perpective. Structure was good as well. Very calm. Nothing to add. Very good answer.
10:59:15 From Orélie Tran : 10/10 I like that you talked about the mother’s perspective, that you insisted about being qualified but understanding if she wants to change healthcare professional, and your alternative solutions are great ! Good job!
10:59:41 From M.Nemcsok : Excellent response from both perspectives (student and teacher). I think the student would be well to seek the mother’s input on how she wants to go through the appointment. Perhaps the mother could help and feel in control of the steps that way. Your response as teacher had good focus on ensuring care by offering a new appointment on the mother’s terms. 8.5/10.
10:59:50 From Mathilde St-Aubin : Hi! I feel like you did really good, you were confident and the solutions you provided were well thought through. I would go more a little into detail about the possible reasons that the mother might react that way, but you really did an amazing job ! 9/10
11:00:45 From Michelle Leong : Score 9: Great job! You explored many perspectives and solutions and I liked how you included the action of debriefing the student.
11:01:27 From Josee : 9.5/10 – Amazing! You were very confident and insightful. You considered multiple perspectives and did offer multiple good options, as the teacher and the student! You mentioned to debrief which was great!
11:01:37 From Davide Verrelli : 9/10 I thought that was excellent. Great job at idetnifying that as a supervisor, you are weighing how much you wanted your student to be independent and how much you want your patient to get their treatment.
11:01:56 From Victoria Shi : Thank you so much everyone!
11:02:10 From Andréa Sarah Lo : 9/10: You did a good job handling this situation as student and a teacher. You sounded very confident and provided great ideas to fix the problem. The only thing I would work on is exploring more reasons on why the mother didn’t want the student to weigh her newborn.
11:02:23 From Truong, Thien-Vu : Good job putting yourself in each role and considering all perspectives. 9.5/10