Scenario 6

Consider a video of the following scenario:

Maria and Jeremy are speaking, and clearly Jeremy seems concerned. He mentions that he has been meeting James and the gym to practice boxing. You know that James and Jeremy have been training for some time together.

Jeremy recounts that while fighting, James seemed to be more aggressive. In fact, James actually knocked Jeremy out cold the other day and now Jeremy is recovering from a concussion.

Jeremy thinks James might be trying to hurt him on purpose, as recently they have been arguing over a physics team project.

Maria is concerned about Jeremy, but also she knows James and doesn’t think he would hurt anyone on purpose. She also knows that James is going through a hard time right now at home and doesn’t want to pressure him, but she does feel she needs to speak to him.

She turns to you and asks for advice.

Take 30 seconds to reflect on this scenario before proceeding to the questions