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At MedCoach we specialize in building your confidence. We help you identify your best traits so that your personality can shine throughout the application process – from application writing, to preparing for the CASPER exam and of course when practicing for the interviews/MMIs.

We provide the most affordable one-on-one coaching with medical students of your choice. Our coaches are passionate about giving you confidence throughout the application process so that you stand out,  and achieve acceptance!

And, for every session that you book, we also make it our mission to donate to a healthcare related charity.

Start by choosing your coach and then book a session to get started!

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Why Should You Prepare?
Students Applying Each Year
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How Your MedCoach Can Help You
Understand Your Next Steps

A coach can guide you through the process. Start early to strategize class planning, electives, when to take the MCAT, etc.

Polish Your Application

Work with a coach to make sure you application stands out. Personal statements, top 10, Resume/CV, we’ve got you covered.

Master the CASPer® Exam

Don’t wait until the last minute! Take our practice CASPer® exams and see if you can beat the average score.

Strategize for Interviews

Work with your coach to understand the techniques and frameworks needed to ace any interview question.

Simulate The Interview

Need realistic practice?

Our coaches will hold mock interviews with you!

Online Interview Courses

Learn everything you need to know right from your own home. Examples & Practice questions facilitated by our top coaches.

Committed to Excellence
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Donated to Charity
Can't Afford Coaching? MedCoach can help.

MedCoach prioritizes diversity & inclusivity. We regularly donate coaching sessions to students who wish to be coached but find themselves in a financially difficult position.

If you feel you would qualify for a bursary, please fill out the application form.