MedCoach Donations

Every year MedCoach makes it part of our mission to donate to health-care related charities.

Canadian Mental Health Association


Donation to the Canadian Mental Health Association to help with various programs including access to mental health services for people suffering from anxiety and depression due to COVID-19

Sinai Health Foundation


Donation to the COVID-19 Relief FundDonation to Sinai Health COVID-19 Fund to support research regarding the treatment of severe cases of COVID-19 in vulnerable populations.

MS society of Canada


Donation to the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada. Supporting research focused on developing a treatment for MS.

Kids Kicking Cancer


Donation to Kids Kicking Cancer. A charity located across Canada and the US which enables children suffering from various illnesses to achieve a sense of power, peace and purpose using martial arts techniques.

Canadian red cross


Donation to the Canadian Red Cross during a time of need for people suffering the aftereffects of the especially destructive hurricane season this year.



Donation to the Fondation du Dr. Julien to help purchase new kitchen supplies.



Donation to Head & Hands which provides possibilities and services for youth