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My name is Mohsyn Malik but everyone knows me as simply “Mo”! I am currently entering my 3rd year of medical school at the Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry. I completed by bachelor’s degree in biological sciences at Wayne State, in Detroit, Michigan.

Preparing for medical school can be an overwhelming and stressful task. I know too well the burden of the medical school application cycle and navigating it solo is no easy task. My goal as a MedCoach is to aid those trying to reach their goals of entering medical school, whether it be in Canada or the U.S. Though I am currently attending a Canadian medical school, I have had the unique opportunity to study in the U.S. as well as apply through AMCAS to U.S. medical schools, interview in the U.S. and be accepted to U.S. medical schools. The AMCAS cycle has its own unique set of hurdles separate from that of the Canadian cycle, and I hope my experiences can benefit you.

I have experience in peer mentoring from my undergraduate degree, where I tutored in a number of lower-level biology, chemistry and math courses. I hosted office hours and study sessions – providing 1-on-1 mentoring, group study, and pre-exam study sessions. I have also been working as an Altitude Mentor for the past year being a mentor for underrepresented undergrad students interested in medicine.

My approach to coaching follows a growth mindset. No one applicant is perfect, just as no one human is perfect. I was far from a perfect applicant, but using my failures as a source of growth and highlighting my successes has allowed me to overcome the intimidating odds of medical school admission. Mistakes and failures is how we learn, so fear not if you feel like you are an inadequate applicant. Together, we can hope to achieve growth and self-confidence that allows you to reach your goals.

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  1. Sham Nasri says:

    Mo was very resourceful and guided me with how to approach the med school application process. He is very easy to talk to and an overall excellent coach! I highly recommend him.






  2. Shangge says:

    Mo is very supportive and easy to talk to. He gives me great suggestions to approach cerntain types of questions. I highly recommend him!

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