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Location: Alberta

Timezone: Mountain Standard Time



Interview Experience:

UofA and UofC

Patrick can help you with:

Written application,

MMI Practice,

Panel Interview Practice

CASPer Preparation





I’m a medical student at the University of Alberta currently trying to navigate the strangeness of COVID and online medical school. I have a BSc in general sciences from UBC and several years of experience in cardiac research and manuscript editing. While I am fascinated by all-things science and medicine, my true passion lies in helping others to build healthy, prosperous, and fulfilling futures for themselves. I greatly admire the time and energy others have invested in me and I simply aspire to pay it forward, which has resulted in my espousal of various mentorship roles in athletics, research and, most recently, the medical school application process.

I am a firm believer that success is most easily achieved once we recognize and leverage our own unique skillsets. In accordance with that, the goal of my sessions will be to identify your distinct writing/speaking style and emphasize these traits so that we can highlight you as a unique candidate amidst the applicant pool. In addition to this, we will work to strengthen your weaknesses and develop an easy-to-use interview approach that is tailored to YOU. That being said, I’m a very easy-going, hassle-free person and hope to run our sessions as more of a productive, well-structured conversation than a formal lecture.

My specialties lie in written applications and MMI interviews, specifically for the University of Alberta and University of Calgary. However, I can also provide guidance for other aspects of the application process, such as CASPer and panel interviews.

I hope to see you soon! Best of luck in your studies and applications!

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One thought on “Patrick – UofA

  1. Melissa says:

    Great coach! I’ve had two mmi coaching sessions with Patrick so far that have been extremely helpful. He’s given me a lot of concrete advice on how to improve my weak areas. Patrick has helped me a lot in structuring my responses to opinion and policy type questions and has also given me a lot of guidance on how to approach acting stations. Prior to my coaching sessions with Patrick, I had a couple coaching sessions with a much more expensive prep service. However, I’ve found that I’ve learned much more with Patrick, as his sessions are tailored to what you would like to focus on, and he is great at providing accurate feedback and answering any questions you may have. Additionally, Patrick was well-prepared for our sessions and put a lot of effort into helping me improve. I’ve really enjoyed my coaching sessions with Patrick so far and am looking forward to my upcoming sessions!






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