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University of Manitoba


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Hi! My name is Arielle and I am an Indigenous medical student at the Max Rady College of Medicine at UofM. I have completed an undergraduate degree in Biomedical Biology (B.Sc.), a second undergraduate degree in Psychology (B.A.), and a Master’s degree in Biology – Cellular Biology (M.Sc.) all with Laurentian University. It’s safe to say, I love to learn.

As an Indigenous medical student, I offer a unique perspective to interview preparation and approaching both MMI and panel-style questions through a holistic lens. What does this mean for you and how might my approach benefit your interview preparation, you might ask? Given the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s push for Indigenous culture to be incorporated into medical training across Canada, it is incredibly important for you to have an understanding about Indigenous culture, practices, and most importantly how the social determinants of health drive health disparities for minority populations, including Indigenous peoples.

I am here to help you approach challenging interview questions, to break down the stressful barriers faced during interviews, and to create an environment of trust and understanding. I want to help make you the absolute best candidate possible! Whether you’re struggling with creating a roadmap for answering particular question categories, how to highlight your experiences in the context of the CanMed Roles, or where to even begin (I know – this is an overwhelming experience!) I’m here to be your guide to your acceptance to medical school.

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