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Medical Resume Mastery Course


4.89 (9 reviews)

Your written application is one of the first things that the admissions committee sees so it is vital that it written in a way that showcases your transferable medical skills!

In this course, we will take you through each section of the resume so that you know exactly how to present your application to make it stand out!

9 reviews for Medical Resume Mastery Course

  1. Amina

    There were so many things I learned. I found out that writing a resume is about letting our greatest achievements shine!

  2. Andrea

    It was really helpful and thorough!

  3. Kirsten

    It was very helpful to see the bullet point format broken down- particularly when some schools do not give much in the way of guidance for proper format

  4. Brianna


  5. Andres

    Looks good and short.

  6. Aki

    Helpful & very useful

  7. Noush

    Very useful. Thank you!

  8. Seth

    was easy to follow

  9. Sandro

    Agree with the comments above, gave good insight into what schools might be looking for when reading over a resume. I used this guide to submit my application, and then I did some one-on-one coaching sessions to review my application and practice for interviews. Proud to say I was accepted to medical school this year!!

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