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“The Advanced Course”: Comprehensive Skills and Concepts for Medical Interview Mastery


The advanced course has now been converted to group sessions with Morgan.

To enroll for these classes ($35 each) please visit Morgan’s Profile.

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Course Description:

The Advanced Course is one of our most comprehensive interview preparation courses! This course predominantly focusses on MMI format questions, but a significant amount of time is dedicated to traditional (panel) interview questions. 

Over 16 hours of online content, you will learn:

  • Advanced strategies to allow your interview responses to be memorable so that you are not forgotten amongst the hundreds of other applicants
  • Structured but flexible approaches to all main types of medical school interview questions so that you are ready to answer any question on the spot.
  • Exposure to over 25 concepts, topics and lenses frequently discussed in medicine so that you gain the insight needed to answer any interview question.



  • 1 hour of pre-class videos (watched before class to prepare)
    • These pre-class videos cover the approaches to each type of interview question, so that the in-class time can be dedicated to practicing.
  • 8 live online in-class sessions, each roughly 2 hours
    • In each class, about 4 exemplar questions will be attempted – each by one student – so that we may deconstruct the answer provided and determine how to enhance it. There will also be a brief period of teaching following certain questions that involve key topics or concepts. 



Morgan, Course Designer and Coach



8 in-class sessions starting February 7, 2020

Course Capacity:

Limited to 20 participants


A Message from Morgan, Course Designer and Coach:

After over 100 hours of coaching for MedCoach, I decided to create a course so that I could reach more applicants, maximizing the number that I could help prepare for their interviews.  I also really enjoy teaching larger classes, so it would be a win-win!

When I was preparing for my medical school interviews, I developed frameworks to facilitate structured approaches to any type of interview question I might encounter.  These were extremely effective, and I was outright accepted or waitlisted at all 7 of the schools where I interviewed.  These frameworks were well-received by all my one-on-one students, so I knew that these would be a staple of the course I would create.

As an applicant, I found that I benefitted most when people I worked with gave me highly detailed feedback, so I implemented this practice in my own coaching.  Again, my students found this to be extremely beneficial, so I knew this would be a focus of the new course.  I also found tremendous benefit in listening to my peers deliver interview answers, because it allowed me to view the process from the interviewer’s perspective.  This, too, I would incorporate into the course.

Finally, I asked myself “What topics should all medical school applicants at least be able to speak intelligently about?”.  I generated a list of topics that met this criterion.  Then, I ran it by some of my medical school peers to ensure that it was comprehensive.  The result is a curriculum of over 25 concepts, topics, and lenses that will be addressed throughout the course.  Familiarity with these concepts will make you a much stronger applicant.

Combining all these objectives, I created “The Advanced Course”: Comprehensive Skills and Concepts for Medical Interview Mastery.  This is an intensive course for applicants who want to develop the skills and knowledge necessary to be prepared for anything the medical school interview might throw at you!


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