Weekly MMI – 2020 Course Recording

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Live classes ended Feb 16 but you can still get access to all recorded sessions!

Acess to all 12 hours of recorded classes will be available to you immediately upon checkout! You will also have access to the Weekly MMI Facebook group and questions for Dr Feldman!


Are you preparing for an MMI interview? Then this course is for you!

In The Weekly MMI, you will review the approach to MMI stations and practice tons of MMI scenarios.


Remember, the MMIs are testing your personality! You cannot cram in the skills for the MMI last minute. MedCoach offers this series so that you are staying up to date and developing your skills with time. By the time you reach your interview, it will be second nature for you to breeze through the scenarios!

Course facilitator: Leah Feldman MD.,CM. Creator of MedCoach – coaching students through the MMIs for the past 7 years.

Course Learning Objectives: The medical school interview process – so that you know exactly what to expect on your interview day The key skills – so that you know how to get through any MMI station with ease The common mistakes students make – so that you don’t make the same! Practice scenarios – Want to see some sample mmi interview questions and answers? Hear other students act out MMI stations in real time with Leah and get direct feedback!

Course Curriculum:

  • Topic 1: Introduction to the MMI – What to Expect
  • Topic 2: The 7 key skills required to ace any MMI station. How to change your approach depending on the skill they are testing.
  • Topic 3: Skill 1 + sample questions
  • Topic 4: Skill 2 + sample questions
  • Topic 5: Skill 3 + sample questions
  • Topic 6: Skill 4 + sample questions
  • Topic 7: Skill 5 + sample questions
  • Topic 8: Skill 6 + sample questions
  • Topic 9: Skill 7 + sample questions
  • Topic 10: Summary and good luck!

For a demo of the course: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qJIboN8cWRU

For any questions, e-mail support@mymedcoach.ca


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