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Rebecca – UofC

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Location: Calgary, AB

Accepted From: Bachelor’s of Science

Application Experience: UofC, UofA, UofM, UofC

A Bit About Me:

In some ways, I was the stereotypical medical school applicant. I did my four-year undergrad Bachelor of Science degree at the University of Alberta, I volunteered, I scored relatively well on my MCAT, and I kept up my GPA. However, I didn’t do any formal research, I wasn’t the president of a school club, I wasn’t even involved in any school clubs.

My passion lies in music. I find my happy place in playing instruments, singing, and composing. I have taught piano for 7 years. I have also been involved in several ministries at my church. I think about half of the extra-curriculars on my med school applications were comprised of these two areas of my life.

I enjoy coaching because I want to see others succeed. I know there are people who have a heart for others, have minds that crave medical knowledge, and a diligence that will get them through med school. I want to see these applicants to be my colleagues in the future and I am willing to help them get there.

Where I can help you most:

Discussing strategies for Top 10, Confidence, Speaking Skills, and prepping for the new MCAT

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