I was hoping to be able to meet in -person for my coaching sessions and was hesitant to go ahead with Skype when I found out there were no coaches in my area. Morgan was recommended to me and I am so glad! Morgan truly goes above and beyond with his coaching and feedback. He is thorough and honest in his approach, and provides direction for what to work on between sessions which has been super helpful for me. I can already see my interview skills improving and I am not even finished with all of my coaching sessions. Morgan is very flexible and accommodating when finding times to meet, which makes this whole process much easier being a full-time student and working part-time. I would recommend Morgan to anyone who is looking to strengthen their MMI and panel interview skills – I think you will notice and almost immediate change!

EDIT: After interviewing a second time (using MedCoach to prepare the second time around), I was accepted to the school of my choice, and I owe so much of my interview success to the sessions I had with Morgan! Even if I didn’t always use the framework/approach we had practiced, It was comforting knowing I had it in my back pocket. Going into the interview, I knew I wouldn’t be thrown off by any question because of the approach I had down pat, which felt natural. I felt confident to answer any questions that were thrown my way, which allowed me to be present during the interview and showcase my strengths.