I am applying to Med-P (i.e. a preparatory year in the Faculty of Science followed by the Faculty of Medicine’s four-year M.D., C.M. program) this year. Sabine is extremely helpful with regards to all aspects of the application process. We have worked on my C.V., we have went over sample CASPer questions together, and we have also spoken about tips and tricks regarding the MMIs. She is super friendly, and gives very useful feedback when it comes to CASPer and MMI related questions and answers. I highly recommend booking a session with her as she has allowed me to prepare very efficiently for what is to come. 🙂


EDIT: Sabine was the best coach ever! She really calmed me down prior to my interview and prepared an interview simulation for me a couple days prior to my interview. Thanks to her help, I receive an offer at McGill for the Med-P program. She also coached me for my CASPer test, and I received an offer from all three French medical schools in Quebec, i.e., University of Laval, University of Montreal and University of Sherbrooke. I really would recommend booking a session with her!