The 5-Pack



Receive 10% off when you pre-purchase 5 coaching sessions.

Once you check out, you will receive a coupon code that you will use to book your sessions.


We cannot guarantee a specific coach with this package. Refunds are not granted for unused sessions. Refunds can only be requested if NO coaches are available (across Canada) to fulfill the 5 sessions. If you have a preference to work with a specific coach, please send them a message first to ensure that they can open up a time for you.


5-pack Coaching
The 5-Pack


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Welcome to two new MedCoachs!

Bienvenue à deux nouveaux MedCoachs!

Lauren - UofA and UofC

Lucia - McGill and Ottawa (Bilingual)

Visit their profile page to book a session!

Visitez leur page de profil pour réserver une session !

Good luck!

Bonne Chance!