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You must book your session through the booking calendar and then checkout.

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11 reviews for One-On-One Coaching Session

  1. Ahmad

    Good session.

  2. Gaj

    Jarred provides thoughtful and specific ways to refine your CVPN down to very fine details. Attentive and very helpful.

  3. Addy

    My coach was very helpful ! He was great at communicating to me the most important things to know about the MMI’s and really gave me a sense of what to expect on the interview day. It was through Skype so we had a few technical issues (lag, sound), but we got through it. It is surprising how quickly one hour passes by. We unfortunately did not have much time to discuss things pertaining to me personally (my strengths, my weaknesses, what to improve on, etc) so the session was just a brief overview of the interview process.

  4. Stella

    Linda was very helpful during and after the session. She sends followup emails to track your progress. The session itself was a bit rushed.

  5. Marianne

    good coaching, good advice as well, loved to practice answering Casper questions, good experience as well, very good idea a document with notes

  6. Elena

    Kijoo was a great coach! He answered all of my questions that I had about the MMI and helped me practice two acting stations. I appreciated that he let me evaluate myself and afterwards he gave me his own feedback, which helped me get a better understanding of my strengths and weaknesses. His goal was to help students become more confident and he definitely did that for me!

  7. Koosoku

    I practiced a CV station, a writing station, and an abstract question with Kijoo. He provided insight to my response and he was very easy to talk to. I can definitely see him becoming better as he coaches more and more students late on!

  8. Koosoku

    I practiced traditional and MD/PhD questions with Kelly. She offered many insights into how I can better formulate my answer. She knows how to get to the point so that the answer is specific and concise. She’d always ask what I want to work on, which is nice, but sometimes I’d rather that she lead the session. She is definitely knowledgeable of the interviewing process and the right person to practice with. I recommend her!

  9. George

    Great session!

  10. Koosoku

    Kelly went over some interview questions and responses that I gave with me. She provided her own perspective (like what she would say in each scenarios). She is not only professional at what she does but also very friendly. She made sure that I understood the concepts before moving onto the next one.

  11. Koosoku

    I had a two hr session with Ella. She gave me a powerful lesson on doctor-patient interaction and a set of tools that I will find useful in the future as well as in the interview. There was no mock interview on acting scenarios, but I still felt I gained a lot from her. I would recommend her!

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