Practice CASPer Test

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Practice for your CASPer Test with different tests with increasing level of difficulty.

  • Practice CASPer Test Level 1-4
  • Video-Response Practice Test

Each Practice CASPer Test contains 4 scenarios, includes a video scenario and is available in either French or English.

The Video-Response Practice Test contains 3 scenarios and is available in either French or English

All Practice CASPer Tests include top example answers for each question.

The test can only be written once, just like the real CASPer Test. However you can view the questions and your answers, and the top answers as many times as you’d like.

It takes 72 hours to receive feedback – if you require 24 hour feedback, please add this to your exam with the options below.

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CASPer Prep Course


Learn key skills to beat the clock, think outside the box and score top points!

Practice scenarios with our coaches

Compare your answers to top-scoring answers



  1. A pre-test to practice and understand your strengths and weaknesses when it comes to the CASPer exam.
  2. The recording of our 3-hour crash course that was held in September 2020 in English AND French (3 hours each and taught by different coaches).
  3. Access to the transcript of the course so you can see all the answers from other students that were typed during the course.
  4. Access to MedCoach CASPer exam #5 which includes video scenarios