Interview Prep Package

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SAVE $421 on our popular Interview Prep Package!

This package includes all of our interview prep resources including:

  1. Access to the Weekly MMI live course which provides weekly practice and techniques for the medical school interview. (Takes place Jan-Feb of each year)
  2. Access to the Weekly MMI recorded videos from previous years
  3. Access to the CanMEDs Case Studies Course where you will learn what it is like to apply the CanMEDs roles in real life clinical settings!
  4. Access to the Healthcare Interview Mastery Guide
  5. Access to contact with coaches for questions via e-mail so they can guide you through every step of the application process and keep you motivated! Please send questions to
  6. 8 one-on-one coaching sessions for anything you wish to cover: Resume/Cover Letter/Personal Essay Review/OMSAS/AMCAS/CASPer Test answer review/strategy coaching, and MMI/MPI/ Panel Interview Coaching.
  7. One final review of your application by a current physician or resident.
  8. This package does not expire until you get in!

The Weekly MMI Live Course

Join our most popular Live MMI practice course starting every year at the start of January!

The Weekly MMI Class Recordings

Get immediate access to the last 3 years of recordings from our Weekly MMI class!

One-On-One Coaching Session × 8

Cover anything you choose with a coach of your choice (Application Review, CASPer Coaching, Interview Prep, or general advice!)

CanMEDs Case Studies

Learn about the CANMEDS Roles through stories from the doctor's office!

Dr. Leah Feldman will guide you through how the CanMEDs Roles shows up in every day life in the doctors office.

This course is in English

The purpose of this course is to give you an introduction to the CanMEDs Roles and insight into the medical field. This will also better prepare you for your medical school interviews which are based heavily on the CanMEDS Roles.

*Note that this course is INCLUDED with the Weekly MMI Live Course

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Grants the following:

  1. Access to the Weekly MMI live course (Takes place Dec/Jan of each year)
  2. Access to the Weekly MMI recorded videos from previous years
  3. Access to the CanMEDs Case Studies Course where you will learn what it is like to apply the CanMEDs roles in real life clinical settings!
  4. Access to contact with coaches for questions via e-mail so they can guide you through every step of the application process and keep you motivated! Please send questions to
  5. 8 one-on-one coaching sessions for Resume/Cover Letter/Personal Essay Review/OMSAS/AMCAS, CASPer Test answer review/strategy coaching, and MMI/Interview Coaching.
  6. This package does not expire until you get in!

21 reviews for Interview Prep Package

  1. Alex

    My experience with Medcoach was FANTASTIC!
    Ella and Leah, worked extremely hard to make my application outstanding. In my opinion, what makes medcoach different from other organizations, is their personalized services. They listen to their applicants and address their concerns accordingly.
    I am confident to say that their critical review on my application and personal narrative improved my application significantly.
    I highly recommend medcoach to anyone who is looking to have some expert opinions on thier application.

    THANK YOU BOTH, for being there and supporting me throughout this tedious process!!!

  2. Francois

    I am writing you this to let you know that I have been accepted to McGill’s medical school. I wanted to thank you for all the coaching Leah and Yuan have provided me, it was really great! I could not have done it without you both! I will definitely recommend MedCoach to anyone who is seeking help preparing for medical interviews!

  3. Daniel

    I was debating over the Ultimate membership or just booking regular one-on-one sessions and I found it very helpful to have the Weekly MMI as well!
    The weekly mmi gives you a great foundation for what you might see on the MMI and then its great to practice that with the coaches using your sessions. If you think you will use over 5 sessions then the Ultimate membership is definitely worth it in my opinion

  4. C.S

    So far the Ultimate Membership has been a huge help for my applications this cycle compared to last year’s, thank you so much! I managed to get an out of province interview to UBC which wouldn’t have been possible without your resources and the one-on-one help from Megan with the wording of my application.

  5. kitner.sarah

    The ultimate membership has been crucial for my interview preparation. Although I have not interviewed yet this cycle, I feel much more prepared, compared to last year, and it is thanks to the coaches that helped me! Feeling prepared is everything!

  6. KAl

    Dr Leah, I wanted to let you know I got accepted into med at McGill ? I’d like to thank you and MedCoach for all the help you provided, I couldn’t have done it without you!

  7. Adam

    Thank you!!!!! I got into McMaster this year and starting school soon. I could not have done it without all of your help and motivation.

  8. Karine

    Leah and the coaches I met with were absolutely amazing. I used 7/10 sessions and each one made me feel so much more ready and prepared for my interviews. They all clearly have a passion for helping others. I would highly recommend medcoach. I was accepted to a few schools in the US and in Ontario and will be starting this fall!

  9. Sophie

    I applied two years in a row and was not thinking of applying again – I basically had given up.
    My friend told me about Medcoach and after doing a LOT of research on various companies, I found medcoach to be the most transparent and affordable. I used the ultimate membership and practices a few casper exams. I CANNOT BELIEVE I got in this year!!! Thank you Medcoach team!

  10. A

    I had an incredible experience. Manasi was fantastic and I couldn’t have done it without her!
    Accepted: Queen’s

  11. Marie-Hélene

    My coach really helped me prepare for both the CASPer and the MMIs. Technical practice as well as moral support. She was a wonderful support throughout the process. I also bought the MMI recordings and found them super insightful. I bought the MMI book as well, and I appreciated the format of the book and its content. Overall, I am really glad to have used these services.
    Accepted: All Quebec schools

  12. Soo

    Accepted to UofT and waitlisted at a few other schools.
    My only suggestion would be to advertise more. I only heard about this service through a friend and prices are reasonable so I think with better advertising you’d reach a lot more premeds and have more clients.

  13. Tynee

    Amazing value for this package. Leah was so supportive throughout the process. I was debating paying for session as you go vs getting them all at once, and I ended up using all 10 sessions. I was accepted to my first two top schools and I am so grateful!!

  14. Tanya

    I really enjoyed my experience with MedCoach.
    The coaches are very nice and the packages are quite helpful 🙂

  15. Jean

    I did not get in this year but I tried a few different companies and I like your program better than I like another I tried. I have a few sessions left over so will be using them again next year.

  16. Tess

    I purchased the interview prep because I thought I would need all of the sessions, which in the end I did in fact use with different coaches. I found the ability to pick my own coach so helpful! Each coach provided a different perspective and that helped me feel even more confident. Highly recommended, THANK YOU JENNY!

  17. Kittot

    I had a great experience with Jenny for my MMI prep

  18. madoonat12

    Only amazing things to say about this service. Easy to book and support is quick to answer if you need anything. I did not expect so much content from the weekly MMI videos and I am very excited for the live course as well. Really great value. Keep it up!

  19. Adrian

    The weekly MMI course was well run this year. They added a bonus class to help students participate more which I really appreciated. The coaches were all great and I booked a few extra sessions with coaches as well. I felt very confident at my interviews which I definitely did not feel last year when I applied!

  20. Artem

    I found this package to be the most beneficial. I upgraded after a few sessions because I saw that I would need more and I really found it made the difference for my prep! Thanks to Leah and the MedCoach team!

  21. JennaThompson

    I’m rating 4 stars because my coach had to reschedule twice because they were on call last minute. Other than that my coach was amazing and really helped me understand my weaknesses, I am interviewing at Ottawa

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