Total Interview Prep Package

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Are you looking to prep for your interview?

This package includes all of our interview prep resources including:

  1. Access to the Weekly MMI live course which provides weekly practice and techniques for the medical school interview. (Takes place Jan-Feb of each year)
  2. Access to the Weekly MMI recorded videos from previous years
  3. Access to the Advanced Interview Techniques course with Morgan
  4. Access to the Healthcare Interview Mastery Guide
  5. Access to contact with coaches for questions via e-mail so they can guide you through every step of the application process and keep you motivated! Please send questions to
  6. 10 one-on-one coaching sessions for anything you wish to cover: Resume/Cover Letter/Personal Essay Review/OMSAS/AMCAS/CASPer Test answer review/strategy coaching, and MMI/MPI/ Panel Interview Coaching.
  7. One final review of your application by a current physician or resident.
  8. This package does not expire until you get in!

The Weekly MMI Live

Registration for The Weekly MMI 2022 Live class is now open!

Classes start Jan 2 @ 9am EST and occur every Sunday (6 sessions)

NEW this year: Pre-Course videos exploring what it is like applying the CanMEDs roles in medicine - Dr. Leah

Learn to ace any MMI station as well as review techniques for standard interview questions and answer structuring.

We will also cover stress management and how to "just be yourself" on the day of the interview!

The focus this year will be on mastering the virtual format of the interview.

The course will be taught by our top coaches so you will have the benefit of multiple perspectives and teaching styles.

Introductory pre-class lessons included by Dr. Leah. We will also cover stress management and how to "just be yourself" on the day of the interview!

Weekly MMI Class Recordings

Are you preparing for an MMI interview and looking for an MMI prep course? Then this course is for you!

Watch the recorded videos from the past 3 years of live classes.

This recorded series includes Over 20 Hours of recorded content of the last three years of the Weekly MMI, review of MMI station approaches and tons of MMI practice scenarios.

Advanced Interview Techniques

Access the recordings of Morgan's group classes from February 2020!

Each class is one hour, (3 hours total) and covers the topics listed:

STARR Method

Panel Interview

MMI practice

For any questions, please e-mail

One-On-One Prepaid Session × 10

Purchase this to receive a coupon for a coaching session that you can book at a later time with the booking calendar at


Med Interview Prep
Total Interview Prep Package


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