Coaches are not allowed at any time to guarantee acceptance of a student into medical school. They must be open and honest that what they are providing is only an opinion based on their best knowledge and experience.

Coaches are responsible for contacting their coachees once the sessions are booked to set up an appointment as quickly as possible.

Coaches are responsible for updating their schedule if an appointment slot no longer becomes available to avoid inconvenience to students who book and prepay for their sessions. If a session has already been booked, arrangements can be made with the student to reschedule the session.

Coaches with a conflict of interest should notify MedCoach immediately and unsubscribe / un-join the e-mails and Facebook groups. Conflict of interest includes active participation in a medical school admissions committee.

All guides, videos, other materials shared with coaches and all intellectual property are property of MedCoach.


Many of you have signed confidentiality agreements stating that you will not discuss the MMI interview they you underwent nor will you discuss your answers that you gave on the MMI. MedCoach fully expects you to uphold your agreement to the schools at which you interviewed and absolutely discourages dishonouring your agreement. If these confidentiality agreements are broken, this is done under your own accord and independent decision. By signing this agreement, you release MedCoach from any responsibility towards your decisions to break this confidentiality agreement if you so choose to.


Coaches hired by MedCoach are only allowed to coach students through the MedCoach system. Any individual coaching or exchanging funds without MedCoach’s consent or knowledge will result in your position being immediately terminated.

Coaches cannot perform the same or similar service, online or offline, for a period of 12 months after ending your contract with MedCoach, within a radius of 100km.


Payments will be sent out by the 15th of each month for the previous month. Coaches have the option of being paid either by paypal or bank transfer ($1 fee). Paypal is the recommended option. Please provide MedCoach with your preference and payment details.

Your first three sessions are “probationary sessions” and start at $15/hour. You must have ratings for these sessions with no red flags to continue coaching.

Promotions are based on the following conditions:

After an average rating of 4.5/5 AND completion of the first 7 hours of coaching AND 7 different coachees, you will be promoted to the $20/hour level.

After an average rating of 4.5/5 AND completion of and additional 10 hours of coaching with at least 10 new coachees, you will be promoted to $25/hour.

In order to be eligible for promotion, you must have a MINIMUM 65% rating compliance. This means that if you coach 10 students, for over 20 hours but only 1 student has rated you, you will not be eligible for promotion until you have at least 7 ratings.
Thus it is very important for you to encourage your students to rate you after their sessions.
Also, the more ratings you have, the more you will get booked because students feel more comfortable booking known coaches!

A promotion assessment takes place at the end of each month when the payment invoice is submitted and will be applied to the next month’s sessions.


Cancellation >24 hours before the session: Full refund to the student, the coach does not get paid

Cancellation <24 hours before the session: $5 Penalty Fee to the student, the coach does not get paid

Cancellation <1 hour before the session and/or no show: No refund to the student, the coach receives 1 hourly rate of coaching

This is the student agreement form for your information:

MedCoach Agreement Form

Please read through the following statements and complete your application on our website if you agree:

I understand that MedCoach is an independent, student-run organization with no connections or insider-information with regards to the medical admission process.

I understand that MedCoach is in no way affiliated with any Faculty of Medicine or the any Admissions Committee.

I understand that paying for this service does not guarantee an acceptance into medical school.

I understand that the medical students volunteering for MedCoach are here to provide their best opinion of my CV and personal letter and that their advice is based on their own personal experiences and not the advice of an admissions committee.

I will respect the following conditions:

  • Sessions must be scheduled for a minimum of 1 hour.
  • Sessions start on time and end on time. You will be charged for any time missed (late or absent). If you must cancel a session, you must do so within 24 hours of your scheduled session to avoid being charged for your session.

Other policies:

We are all working together towards the same cause: Donating as much money as possible! Feel free to donate more than the base rate at any time!

The rate is $40/hour for all sessions

Refund policy:

Cancellation >24 hours before the session: Full refund

Cancellation <24 hours before the session: $5 Penalty Fee

Cancellation <1 hour before the session and/or no show: No refund

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