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Accepted From: BsC


Interview Experience:

McGill University DMD


As a coach, I can offer to:

  • Evaluate your strengths and weaknesses

  • Answer Questions about the applications

  • Detailed evaluation of CV, Autobiographies, other documents

  • MMI scenarios (general/specific to you)

  • CASPer coaching/ Q&As

  • Mock panel interview and evaluation

Coach Bio

My name is Tudor and I am entering my first year of dentistry at McGill university. Prior to being accepted, I had completed my undergraduate degree at McGill in Chemistry and Sociology. After my bachelors degree, I further pursued another undergraduate program at the University of Ottawa in Accounting. I was then accepted to dental schools in Ireland as well as the McGill DMD program.

I was first exposed to dentistry as a child attending my regular checkups, but my passion for dentistry as a career truly began in my undergraduate years after participating in shadowing sessions with various dentists. I knew at that point it was the only career I could see myself doing and I was determined to achieve it despite various setbacks along the way. My journey towards dental school certainly was not easy, especially if not for the tremendous support that guided me in the right direction.

I was lucky to have found MedCoach prior to my interview and I truly felt that it gave me confidence from other successful candidates that I could do the same. I would now like to pass on my knowledge with other keen students who are motivated to also achieve their goal of becoming a dentist. Apart from academics, I have been heavily involved in youth soccer coaching which has helped me understand the key aspects of being a good coach. I believe in harnessing each applicant’s unique characteristics which will help them stand out, and giving them confidence through focused practice that they are well prepared for interview day. I look forward to getting in touch with you and helping you achieve your goals!

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