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Dalhousie University

University of Calgary



Hi there! I’m Ahmed.

I am a first year medical student at Dalhousie University. I completed my BSc at Dalhousie, my MSc at the University of Calgary and PhD at York University – all of which have been in Neuroscience (what can I say, I like the brain a little bit). As a non-traditional medical student and someone who has applied to several schools several times before getting accepted, I have gained a much better understanding of the admission process and what admission committees are looking for in applicants. Success in this process is in large part a result of how applicants present themselves and describe their experiences. I am more than happy to help you put your best self forward and frame your experiences in a compelling way throughout your personal statements and interviews. Teaching is something that I truly enjoy and a skill that I have developed over the past 10 years as a teaching assistant in graduate school and as an MCAT tutor. I enjoy helping students develop their skills and love watching them succeed. I used MedCoach while preparing for my interviews and found it very helpful. I’d love to pay it forward and help you gain admission into your top choice medical school!


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