Scoring and Feedback Information


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You must be ready to write all 9 sections without interruption otherwise your answers will be lost.


Here you will find information about how we score our tests.

You will be able to come back to this page at any time, so if you wish to view the top-scoring answers AFTER you take your test so that you are not biased, just come back here after you have completed the last section.


Scoring Information

Our tests are scored using a 9-point scale. 

If you wish to view the scale prior to starting your test, please click on the “materials” tab above.

Once you have completed the last section of the test, you will book your feedback session with a MedCoach in order to get your comments and score.


After You Submit Your Test

We are giving you feedback on your answers but we would also greatly appreciate your feedback on our tests!

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To leave a review once you are done your test, please head back to the “Practice CASPer Test” product page and scroll down to the “review section” in order to leave a review.

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Scoring Breakdown

Each section on our CASPer Tests is marked out of a maximum score of 9 points.

The scoring is broken down into ranges and is generally as follows:

0 - No answer/No time to answer*

1-2 - Text is present but did not answer the question or incomplete answer

3-4 - Complete answer but lacking development or insight

5-6 - Average complete answer to the question

(top 50% of candidates)

7 - Average complete answer, developped and shows good insight

(top 20% of candidates)

8 - Above average answer with excellent insight and development

(top 10% of candidates)

9 - Outstanding insight and development

(top 5% of candidates)