What Can You Do With Your MedCoach?

Sessions are only $59 per hour

Meet one-on-one with your coach to go over:

Written application + application planning

Not sure which coach to work with?

Important Information To Read Prior To Booking

How Does It work?

Select your coach from the drop down menu.

You can explore all of our coaches and their bios on the Find A Coach page to find a coach that you want to work with.

If a coach does not have availability, it does not mean that they are not available. You can just send them a private message (you will need a free account).

Your coach will contact you at least 48 hours prior to your session to set up the details with you on how you will be meeting (zoom, googlemeets, etc.). If you do not hear from your coach 48 hours prior to your session, please e-mail support@mymedcoach.ca so that we can follow up with them for you. Sometimes our coaches do run in to last-minute schedule changes during their clinical rotations. If you email us too close to your session, we may need to reschedule the session if the coach cannot be contacted in time.

We cannot predict what you will be asked on your specific interview day so please do not ask us 🙂 Our goal is to give you the tools needed to tackle any interview questions and to understand why certain skills are tested. This will give you the insight needed to perform excellently on your interview!

Due to contracts signed with the universities (NDAs), we cannot tell you about the specific contents/stations of our interviews. If you have heard about interview questions from your friends, please do not discuss these with your coach. We all must respect the contracts signed.

Time Zone Considerations

The time that you see on the calendar is in the local time of the coach. Please look at the name of the coach’s school to determine the time zone.

For example, if a coach is at UBC, their time zone would be in PST.

Do you offer any packages?

If you wish to purchase more than one session, we offer two packages:


The 5-Pack




Refund Policy

Please ensure that you can commit to your booked time before checking out.

Our coaches are all medical students so as you can imagine, we try to ensure minimal schedule changes 🙂

We understand that things happen and we are always here for you if you absolutely need to reschedule.

Please e-mail support@mymedcoach.ca if you cannot make your session time as soon as possible so that we can inform the coach and help you reschedule your appointment.

There is no charge to reschedule

There is a $5 administration fee to cancel a session

If you cancel <2 hours before your session there is no refund granted

If you miss your session, there is no refund granted